GAM Launches a Campaign Outlining Schedules to get Garbage out of Houses and Calls Upon Residents to Cooperate

GAM Launches a Campaign Outlining Schedules to get Garbage out of Houses and Calls Upon Residents to Cooperate
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Published September 26th, 2010 - 12:31 GMT

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Mayor of the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM), Omar Maani recently unveiled that Amman Municipality has launched an awareness campaign to inform the citizens on the specified times of getting garbage out of houses and schedules of collecting the same by GAM teams.

GAM, according to the Mayor, is to orient the citizens through the media, and through house visits by GAM cadres, on the specified times, in addition to giving them enough grace period to ensure compliance with these times.

According to the new schedule, the period between 6 and 10 in the mornings of Saturday through Thursday shall be devoted for household garbage, from 6 to 10 of every Tuesday for furniture debris and for construction and maintenance debris, provided that they are fully packed into a maximum of five bags, and 11 of every morning to be devoted for collecting garbage from commercial stores.

The Mayor gave instructions that the new regulations be published on GAM web site, and to be disseminated to the respective regions, calling on the residents to comply and cooperate to help make the campaign a success, which is bound to reflect positively on sanitation and help sustain Amman as one of the cleanest cities of the world.

During the live program on Hawa Amman fm ( With the Mayor) Maani expressed his happiness with Amman residents and visitors confidence of the standard of cleanliness the Capital enjoyed over the years, thanks to the cumulated efforts of the various administrations of GAM-a legacy of Amman.

This campaign is but a continuation of " Amman Baituna" which the Municipality launched by distributing garbage bags to cars.

In another context, Maani pointed out that Amman Food Festival which is scheduled to kick off next Friday ( 2 p.m. to 10 p. m.) at Al Hussein Parks ( the Islamic Village and the Children Zone) shall contribute to activating the cultural and tourism movement in the City, and shall also create an opportunity for everyone to be informed on all kinds of food and

Jordanian, Arab and international folkloric cuisines , in addition to giving food specialists a platform to compete.

The Mayor of Amman indicated that the concept of Amman Food Festival, in which a number of restaurants and hotels shall participate, has emanated from the fact that food is considered to be part of the Jordanian heritage which is a witness to a number of folkloric kinds of food inherited from generation to generation, and gained popularity and developed over the years.

Entrance to the Festival for adults shall be 3 Jordanian Dinars, and one JOD for children below ten years. Al Hussein Public Gardens shall be closed before the public on Fridays, except for the visitors of the Festival. Such procedure is meant to help the experience succeed and to repeat it before Ramadan of next year.

In the program presented by Rosin Al Naber, the Mayor responded to the residents service requests and demands. Among these were : Referring a complaint to the construction departments to study the possibilityof building reinforcement walls in Salhiyat Al 'Aabed Housing complex, near Al Khulafaa' Al Rashideen Mosque; Opening Al Thalatheen street in Na'our , which is to be paved in a couple of days; Following up on hygienic control in response to a citizen's remark regarding a group of tents gathering in Rujm Al 'Aish are on the Airport Road, exploiting some lamp posts to get electricity, not to mention hygienic detestations; in addition to paving an entrance in Husban Um al Basateen, in Al Samek, Hazza' neighborhood..

The Mayor listened to the residents' remarks, and promised to follow up on them and to give proper responses (to them) in the next episode of the program 


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