GAM organized a symposium entitled "Traffic Safety and the Knights of Change"

GAM organized a symposium entitled "Traffic Safety and the Knights of Change"
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Published October 24th, 2010 - 14:54 GMT

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Omar Maani
Al-Salt- Nothern West Badia
Haitham Jweinat
Ayman Khleifat
Muna Adaileh
Public Security Directorate
Al-Hussein Cultural Center
Ministry of Education
Traffic Department
Jordanian Institute of Traffic

School students participating in a symposium entitled "Traffic Safety and the Knights of Change", which is organized by the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) in Al-Hussein Cultural Center, have recommended activating penalizing pedestrians' violations, in addition to emphasizing the necessity of allocating sidewalks, particularly for the pedestrians.

The participants in the symposium requested to generate the idea of opening schools in the evenings and holidays for children to use the playgrounds safely, as well as exploiting the schools' activities and programs such as, theater and school radio, and utilizing them in a more service-oriented traffic awareness programs for all ages.

The students also suggested several ideas on using seat belts in the school buses, establishing safety equipment along the buses' windows, in addition to activating the role of schools' traffic councilors for traffic awareness, enhancing the voluntary work concept among citizens and students in the traffic campaigns, as well as the need to supervise residential neighborhoods by traffic patrols.

The City Deputy Manager for Cultural, Social, and Sports Affairs, Eng. Haitham Jweinat, deputizing for the Mayor of Amman, Eng. Omar Maani, said that GAM will adopt the symposium's recommendations perseveringly, stressing that it will also implement the applicable ones in cooperation with their partners in the Traffic Department, the Jordanian Institute of Traffic, and the Ministry of Education.

He explained the GAM's permanent dedication to improving the current traffic situation in the Capital, stressing the necessity to developing and encouraging such seminars in the near future to take account of the students' participation across the Kingdom, making it possible to improve the communication mechanism within the community on traffic awareness issues, particularly those having to do with the students segment.

On his part, the Director of the Social Centers Department, Ayman Khleifat, stated that the GAM's concern in spreading traffic awareness comes from its social duty towards the students, which is applied through the five traffic parks spread in the regions.

The Chairperson of the Traffic Parks Department, Eng. Muna Adaileh, pointed out that this seminar is organized for the second year in a row, explaining that the focus, mainly on the students, is to instill traffic awareness among them at a young age, in addition to having them participate in such seminars, collecting information, doing research and interviews to present and discuss their work papers. All this will help them acquire confidence, enhance their expertise and interest in traffic awareness & safety, and encourage them to change positively so they can become active and influential elements of the society.

It should be noted that the students prepared the seminar work papers under the supervision of the Traffic Parks Department, presenting 16 work papers in the presence of representatives of the Public Security Directorate, Jordanian Institute of Traffic, and Traffic Department Managers. The topics varied between traffic safety in the residential neighborhoods, the school's role in creating a safe traffic environment, and the sidewalks' role in reducing run over accidents, as well as work papers on the environmental violations, safe students transport, and the traffic awareness project.

The students presented success stories regarding traffic awareness; they also displayed some of the films which they prepared themselves, in addition to some interviews with traffic specialists, and a study on traffic accidents.

It is worth mentioning that the participating schools are: Al-Ittihad Schools, Ma'an Al-Mehanieh, Al-Jandawil, Hebras, Al-Khansa', Um-Mnei', Al-Ahlieh, Al-Andalus, Al-Hosun, Islamic scientific College, Tariq bin Ziad, Al-Adasieh, Manshiet Al-Salt- Nothern West Badia-, and Al-Ashrafieh. 


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