Khatib tells Hezbollah to leave Syria, warns of regional religious war

Khatib tells Hezbollah to leave Syria, warns of regional religious war
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Please do NOT quit. Syria needs you. The world is looking to you to regain law and order for all Syrian citizens. I just read a clip on Albawaba that you are demanding the Hezbollah leave Syria. I'm an American who has been following the Syrian crisis for nearly a year now, searching for news daily and commenting whenever I can wherever I can. I can tell you that I do NOT believe America(ns) know that the Hezbollah are even in Syria. Do other national leaders know this information? What can we do to help as ordinary citizens beyond praying? If I could oust them from Syria right now I would. The Syria who desires peace no matter what the cost, the citizens who are refugees and those who have lost family, cannot do this alone. You are the most qualified, well-versed in the Syrian conflict, and I know you are very educated to be doing what you are. Your rebels and yourself who comprise the FSA, cannot afford to retreat because the Syrian people are counting on you, as am I. Make the other surrounding countries and the US aware of what the Hezbollah is doing, how long they have been there, who leads them, and how do we all help to get them out of Syria. I hope to hear from you. Peace and blessings be with you. lightweaver1213

lightweaver1213 (not verified) Thu, 04/25/2013 - 22:36

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