U.N chief urges Hezbollah to pull out of Syria

U.N chief urges Hezbollah to pull out of Syria
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Where is the call for Bandar Bin Sultan to stop financing his Wahhabi savage proxy army?
Where is the condemnation of Israel's repeated bombardment of Syria?
Ban ki Moon - YOU ARE A DISGRACE and a spineless useless appendage in the UN that world can do without if you perpetuate the eternal double standards of those Old White Boys who dominate the UN.
Iraq is a festering killing field, Libya a similar disaster zone - thanks to US-NATO doing the bidding of Israel-Saudi who are not condemned for their criminality - not to mention Israel armed to the hilt with nukes, biological creepy stuff, and repeated use of chemicals in its genocidal mania.
These double standards are unacceptably nauseating!

Dee in Cape town (not verified) Sat, 11/16/2013 - 13:53

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