Independents can help Australians be more independent on Middle East foreign policy

Independents can help Australians be more independent on Middle East foreign policy
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Published August 31st, 2010 - 10:19 GMT

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The four independent Federal politicians have a valuable chance to make Australia's policy towards Israel and Palestine independent of the extreme pro-Israel policy, according to Asem Judeh, AMPC president. He says both the major parties have been captured by extreme pro-Israel lobbyists, forcing Australia into a position of complete support towards Israel irrespective of what it does.

"The Coalition is on record saying that it will support Israel in the United Nations irrespective of what atrocities it

commits," he says. "And the Labor Party is led by Julia Gillard who has been silent on the aggressive acts committed

by Israel, and who is supported by unionists and politicians, such as Paul Howes head of the AWU and Bill Shorten,

who are known for their support of extreme Israeli politics."

Judeh says Andrew Wilkie, the independent member for Denison, has displayed great courage in the past in exposing

the lies over the invasion of Iraq. "Mr Wilkie is clearly a man of principle, and it is our hope that he will see through

the lies that are put out by supporters of extreme pro-Israeli politics," he says. "The major parties pretend they are even

handed in their foreign policy, but in reality they are falling over themselves to please the extreme pro-Israeli lobby.

We even see some extreme Zionist organisations that are set up with tax exemptions that are raising money to finance

Israel's apartheid policies and steal land from Palestinians in the West Bank. Nobody says anything, Julia Gillard has

attended events hosted by these organisations."

Judeh says the rural independents have also shown great character. "People in the country understand the connections

with the land, and understand what it means to be an underdog," he says. "The Palestinians are the people who have

lived in Palestine for centuries. Most Israelis have not. What is happening to Palestinians is cruel and cowardly.

The Palestinians are given no political rights, not even a country. We hope the independents will understand that.

Unlike the major parties, they have not been captured by extreme pro-Israeli interests." 

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