IPCO Registers Fifteen New Patents

IPCO Registers Fifteen New Patents
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Published October 11th, 2010 - 09:13 GMT

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The Intellectual Property Commercialization Office (IPCO), of El Hassan Business Park, announced its registration of fifteen 15 new patents for Jordanian researchers, from various domains and fields throughout the current year. Eng. Khaleel Al-Najjar, Director of IPCO, stated that the inventions were varied to cover several fields like Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, manufacturing medical devices, industrial equipment, irrigation systems, water purification, food preservations, in addition protection from corrosion methods and others. Najjar illustrated that IPCO, since its establishment with the rise of 2010, received 75 research ideas, which have been assessed and evaluated via experts from the office itself. The process resulted in the registration of 15 ideas at the Ministry of Industry and Trade. He added: “the increase in the numbers of registered patents by Jordanian institutions, in comparison with the previous decades, became rather obvious. For example, the patents registered via the Royal Scientific Society since its establishment in 1970, and until 2009 were 11 only. However, this number has increased to 23 patents by the end of 2010.” IPCO, being a national, non-profit organization, aims at stimulating researchers and inventors in Jordanian universities and research centers to invest in their ideas by turning them into commercial projects that they, investors, and the Jordanian economy would benefit from. In addition to increasing investment opportunities for patents, IPCO currently attempts to establish a national database with the objectives of linking academic and research institutions in the industrial sector to help them develop their production lines. He added: “we seek, through the agreements and partnerships IPCO has recently secured, to increase local patents via offering the best possible services for inventors and their national, hosting institutions, basing our operations on the utmost standards for confidentiality.” It is worth mentioning that IPCO and the European Union have signed eleven 11 Memorandums of Understanding with several universities, research centers, industrial and service-based institutions in the Kingdom, a result of which 11 technology transfer offices were built in the Hashemite Kingdom. The European Union, via the Support to Research & Technological Development & Innovation Initiatives and Strategies in Jordan SRTD project in Jordan, supplied these offices and trained their staff on how to turn patents into products with a financial value that would assist in increasing the local industry capabilities.


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