Rouhani: Iran not looking to acquire nuclear weapons

Rouhani: Iran not looking to acquire nuclear weapons
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Rouhani is a wolf in sheep closing or more accurately someone whose role is to put a moderate face on the Iranian fanatic regime; he was sent to Davos by the Supreme Leader Khameini to present Iran as a moderate country seeking good relations with the global community, while Khameini himself keeps stoking the flame of Iranian fanaticism at home. So, Rouhani tells the international community in Davos that Iran "has no intention of acquiring nuclear weapons and seeks constructive engagement with its neighbors," while Khameini (and some others around him) tells the Iranian people that Iran will not accept any limits on its nuclear program. The world should listen to the real decision maker Khameini not to the salesman Rouhani.

Jossef (not verified) Thu, 01/23/2014 - 21:33

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