Iranian Revolutionary Guards wounded in plane takedown in Damascus - reports

Iranian Revolutionary Guards wounded in plane takedown in Damascus - reports
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I may be mistaken, but somehow I thought incoming and outgoing flights were being monitored in Syria. Iran is very sneaky. They publish items through their newspapers, specifically the Iran Daily making themselves look like they are special in offering words of support and claims of being neighborly. However, all they do by this charade is make themselves look idiotic because the Middle East knows what they are really up to. All their "kind words and displays" are laughed upon because in reality they are wolves in sheep clothing. From the beginning, they have supported Assad by sneaking military personnel and smuggling arms in as well. Mr. Ahmadinejad needs to take care of his own country and not worry about Syria. Syria has exactly what it needs right now through the protection of the FSA, Friends for a Free Syria Coalition, the FSA's new government, and the support of various nations. The world is righting the wrongs done to Syria right now at the hands of Assad, nothing more than a common war criminal. I don't know how he has the audacity to think himself anymore than that. God takes care of his own. Prayers go up continually for Syria and her people. I pray for Mr. Assad to find some measure of peace within hisself and his family. For now, I pray for the peace of Syria. I am thankful to God for prayers answered to protect this country and its people.

lightweaver1213 (not verified) Fri, 03/29/2013 - 17:53

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