Israeli army set to actively recruit Christian Arabs under new policy

Israeli army set to actively recruit Christian Arabs under new policy
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I attended in Israel a touring seminar of Christians in Israel.

In Nazareth, we meet a leading Israeli Christian priest, and visited a Christian's cultural center and Churches.
In Galilee we meet a high rank IDF Christian officer and visited a Christians children garden, a school and a church.
What Israeli Christians are saying?

Following is a short summary of their lectures:
-The Christians in ME are not Arabs.
The roots Christian community is ME including Israel are 600 years before Islam.
The Arabs for Hedjaz invaded colonized and converted by force to Islam ME people including Christians.
-The Arabs imperialist doctrine is to deny minorities existence and name every one that has been force to use the Arab language as Arab nationality.
It is obvious watching what is going around all the ME today.
-Israel is the father and mother of monotheism and is not sided either to Islam or Christianity and don’t convert people either by the force of the sward or the force of words to Judaism.
-They want not only keep receiving their citizens rights but as well to fulfill all the civilians' obligations of the free and loyal citizens of Israel.
One of those obligations is to defend the country by attending the IDF.
They presented statistic figures showing that number of early Christian's volunteers to the IDF has increase more than 5 times during the last 2 years.
-The Israeli Christians demand to be recognized by the Israeli government and Parliament to be recognized as separate minority.

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