Israel destroys homes of Palestinian Bedouins

Israel destroys homes of Palestinian Bedouins
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You know...I personally do not care for governments like Syria, Saudi, or the like. I also do not care for groups like Hamas (ie: new laws being imposed like Iran). But, neither do I care for a country who acts as if they are democracy, and in reality they are not....Israel.

It doesn't matter if people are Chrisitan, Muslim or Druze. It doesn't matter what their cultural backgrounds are - semite, beduion, etc.. Go to America, we all live well together. Go back home, and we never see each other.

Clearly, we can see how their permits are denied, and court orders misued, as Egypt does with the Coptics. (And I have more examples even Arabs against Arab groups).

But, this story just made my stomach sick. Israel should be held accountable. Recompensation should be made to these people.

People are people. And here is another case where selfish reasonings were demonstrated. And, I give credit to the organization who did attempt to block what they did. It is a shame more didn't show up to prevent Israel from doing this.

Anonymous (not verified) Sun, 08/01/2010 - 17:13

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