Jordan to 'play no part in Syria strike'

Jordan to 'play no part in Syria strike'
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I admire His Majesty King Abdullah for taking the stand to not become involved in the Syrian conflict. King Abdullah has graciously opened the doors of his country to aid the Syrian people and provide them with refuge in light of the continuing Syrian crisis. Who could ask for more? I believe his opinion of Syria finding a political solution to its situation vs. a military approach is a legitimate one.

The only problem with his viewpoint is the fact that people keep dying right and left and the body count is continually increasing, as is the number of Syrians still fleeing for safety. I don't even know how many citizens are even left alive in Syria at the present time. I saw a video clip this afternoon of life seeming normal in Damascus with only the 'normal' gunfire in the distance. How could all of this to date leave people feeling a sense of "normalcy" in Damascus?

I am really hoping that Presidents Putin and Obama can come to an agreement as to the best course of action to try and save/salvage what's left in Syria, and try to right the criminal wrongs done to the Syrian people.

I don't understand the world's lack of attention to Mr. Assad being a 'war' criminal. We in the world hunt war criminals down and we deal with them in the harshest manner that befits the crimes they are guilty of. So once again, what is the world's intentions where Mr. Assad is concerned? Do we let him go? Do we jail him? Do we slap him on the wrist and say 'play nice with the other children?'

At times when I see pictures of the dead laying in the Syrian streets, I feel this despair coming over me because obviously, no one gets it yet!

lightweaver1213 (not verified) Fri, 09/06/2013 - 22:50

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