Abbas aide on Kerry's Mideast peace plan: "Useless"

Abbas aide on Kerry's Mideast peace plan: "Useless"
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This was written by Arabs who only know what they are told _ as is true of all of us. They see Israel through prejudiced glasses. I lived in Jericho for three years and have many Arab friends, some of whom are secular, some Christians and some Muslim. I had and still get my information from internet to get some balance. The original plan was for the Arabs to have Jordan, which is twice the size of tiny Israel. Look at a map of the Middle East and see the preponderance of territory which belongs to Arabs and the tiny portion that Israel was originally promised. The Bible says that tiny portion was promised to Abraham and his children through Isaac and Jacob. The Arabs can have the rest..

Anonymous (not verified) Thu, 02/13/2014 - 03:08

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