Lebanon & Syria

May 19, 2013

Syrian troops celebrate as they take control of the village of Haydariyah, some seven kilometers outside the rebel-held city of Qusayr (AFP/ Joseph Eid)
08:03 GMT

Battles in Qusayr, Homs, have left at least 10 Hezbollah fighters dead. More Lebanese militants said to be heading to the the town

May 18, 2013

"Assad must go!". It's raining men and they're tough ones too!
05:00 GMT

US and Turkey sing in unison: Assad must step down.

May 17, 2013

A lone chicken is seen in the rubble of the site where an Israeli airstrike struck Damascus earlier this month. AFP Image
10:29 GMT

An Israeli official has come forward to say that the Israeli government may attack Syria again so as to prevent the transfer of weapons to what he called "Islamist militants".

A screenshot from the video in which Al Nusra fighters execute men in rural Syria. Acts such as this have lead the US to call its leader Mohammad Al Golani a terrorist. AFP/YouTube image.
10:17 GMT

After adding sanctions to the Syrian government, including blacklisting several ministers and institutions that it says helped President Bashar Assad begin the civil war, as well as labelling Mohammad Al Golani, the leader of the Al Qaeda linked Al Nusra front a terrorist.

May 16, 2013

The executioner in the video was from the al-Nusra front (image used for illustrative purposes)
10:57 GMT

A video uploaded to Youtube shows the al-Qaeda linked Al Nusra Front executing 11 men they accused of carrying out massacres against the Syrian people

Turkish women in distress at the site of bomb explosion on the Syria border (AFP)
08:54 GMT

Turkish police apprehended four suspects late Wednesday in connection with car bomb attacks in Reyhanli at the weekend

May 15, 2013

Syrian rebels in Aleppo try to free jailed regime opponents. Photo for illustrative purposes only.
14:18 GMT

Syrian rebels placed car bombs outside a prison in Aleppo in an attempt to free some of its 4,000 detainees.

UN General Assembly
08:26 GMT

The UN General Assembly is set to vote on a draft resolution that would legitimize the Syrian National Coalition as party to a potential political transition

May 14, 2013

Putin will receive his Israeli counterpart on Tuesday to discuss the current issues in the Middle East. (AFP PHOTO/ POOL/ MAXIM SHIPENKOV)
16:57 GMT

Putin and Netanyahu are meeting on Tuesday to discuss both parties' involvement in the Syrian conflict. Israel might try to talk Russia out of selling missile systems to Syria.

Cameron and Obama during a press conference after their meeting in Washington on Monday. (AFP PHOTO/JIM WATSON)
05:00 GMT

United States and United Kingdom leaders came together in Washington on Monday to discuss the current situation in Syria and their respective positions on how to involve all parties, including Russia, in finding a peaceful solution to the conflict.

May 13, 2013

Prime Minister Ghassan Hitto with other members of the Syrian opposition (AFP)
08:34 GMT

Moscow and Washington attempt to find a peaceful resolution to the Syrian conflict could be attended by Syrian opposition

May 12, 2013

Iran Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi meets Syria President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus on May 7(AFP/SANA)
10:00 GMT

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi made the remarks in an interview with German title Der Spiegel

An image grab taken from a video uploaded on YouTube on May 08, 2013 reportedly shows a man reading a statement at an undisclosed location in Syria, behind four abducted Filipino UN peacekeepers. (AFP/ YouTube)
09:11 GMT

The four UN peacekeepers were captured by Syrian rebels last week in the Israeli occupied Golan Heights

May 11, 2013

Turkish women in distress at the site of bomb explosion on the Syria border
20:13 GMT

Two car bombs exploded outside government buildings in a Turkish border town Saturday, killing at least 40 people, the government said.

A rebel fighter of the Syrian Kurdish Popular Protection Units (YPG) has a flower in his Russian made 'AK-47' kalashnikov gun as he holds a position in the Sheikh Maqsoud neighbourhood in the Syrian city of Aleppo. AFP Photo
11:48 GMT

The US charge d’affaires to Lebanon met with PM Mikati and expressed concern that Hezbollah’s involvement in Syria could drag the country into conflict.