Lebanon & Syria

September 2, 2013

Syrian troops fire a heavy machine gun mounted on a pick-up truck in the Eastern Ghouta area on the northeastern outskirts of Damascus on August 30, 2013. (AFP)
09:33 GMT

Syrian army troops and fighters from the Nusra front clashed in Eastern Ghouta, the site of an alleged chemical weapons attack, in the outskirts of Damascus on Monday morning.

September 1, 2013

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, more than 110,000 have died in Syria since 2011. Here, the bodies of citizens (many of them young children) killed in an apparent chemical weapons attack are lined up in eastern Ghouta, on the outskirts of Damascus on August 21, 2013. (AFP)
14:23 GMT

Rights watchdog Syrian Observatory for Human Rights on Sunday reported that more than 110,000 people have been killed in the Syrian conflict, including at least 5,800 children.

President Barack Obama speaks about Syria from the Rose Garden at the White House in Washington, DC, on August 31, 2013. (AFP)
11:59 GMT

The White House on Sunday made a formal request to Congress for its endorsement of a US-led military strike on Syria.

People demonstrate against a US-led strike on Syria in downtown Los Angeles on August 31, 2013. (AFP)
10:14 GMT

Syria's largest opposition coalition said Sunday it was disappointed to hear that US President Barack Obama will be seeking Congress' approval for a strike on Syria, but is still opportunistic that the US will attack.

Lebanese soldiers patrol the northern town of Tripoli in June. (AFP/File)
07:50 GMT

Several Lebanese villages near the Lebanon-Syria border were hit by Syria mortar shells

August 31, 2013

LEBANON, Tripoli : A Lebanese soldier inspect burnt vehicles on August 24, 2013 on the site of a bombing outside Al-Taqwa mosque the day before in the northern city of Tripoli. AFP PHOTO IBRAHIM CHALHOUB
11:40 GMT

Bahrain became the latest country late Friday to urge its citizens not to travel to Lebanon, following in the footsteps of travel warnings issued by the UK, France and Kuwait.

August 30, 2013

LEBANON, Tripoli : People perform the Friday prayer on August 31, 2013, inside Al-Salam mosque that was targeted with a car bomb a week ago in the northern Lebanese port city of Tripoli. AFP PHOTO STR
14:11 GMT

Lebanon charged five people Friday, including one Syrian intelligence officer, over the Tripoli bombings that killed nearly 50 people last week.

August 29, 2013

Large areas of Damascus have been destroyed by car bombs and other violent attacks. Here, a pile of rubble is seen following a car bomb in June. (AFP/File)
17:48 GMT

A car bomb exploded in southeast Damascus on Thursday, killing nine soldiers and causing a spate of clashes between Syrian government troops and rebel forces.

A Syrian refugee holds her child as they doze off at a street in the southern Lebanese city of Sidon. (AFP)
15:17 GMT

NGO Refugees International says that Lebanon's new refugee policies risk harming Syrian refugees and stopping them easily escaping violence in their country.

Syrian army soldiers are seen deployed in the Jobar neighbourhood of Damascus on August 24, 2013. (AFP)
10:48 GMT

Syrian regime forces have left Damascus International Airport as residents of the capital stockpile food and resources and prepare for a hasty evacuation.

The Russian ships will have to compete with the presence of the US navy in the Med. Seen here is the guided-missile cruiser USS Gettysburg, left, and the aircraft carrier USS Harry S Truman transiting the Strait of Gibraltar on August 3, 2013 on their way to the Mediterranean Sea. (AFP)
09:51 GMT

The Russian military has deployed two large ships to the east Mediterranean so that it can protect Syria from any potential upcoming Western-led strike against the regime.

An image grab taken from a video shows an opposition fighter firing an rocket propelled grenade (RPG) on August 26, 2013 during clashes with regime forces over the strategic supply routes in and out of Aleppo. (AFP)
08:23 GMT

During an emergency UN meetings in New York on Wednesday, Syrian ambassador to the UN warned Lebanon against getting involved in the ongoing Syrian turmoil, and warned that Hezbollah would retaliate against Israel.

Hezbollah soliders march in Baalbeck, Lebanon (AFP/File)
07:43 GMT

Hezbollah official Hussein Hajj Hasan implied that the Lebanese Shiite group is 'following up' on the developments of a possible Western-led strike in Syria and will respond with appropriate force.

US President Barack Obama (AFP/File)
07:13 GMT

US President Barack Obama has said that attack on Syria will be limited and will be "a shot across the bow", adding that although he has received several options for a strike, he has not yet made a decision.

August 28, 2013

An image grab taken from a video uploaded on YouTube by the Eastern Ghouta Media Centre on August 28, 2013 allegedly shows United Nations (UN) vehicles travelling to the site where rockets had fallen in Damascus' eastern Ghouta suburb during an investigation into a suspected chemical weapons strike near the capital. (AFP/YouTube)
17:43 GMT

The UN Security Council on Wednesday held an emergency meeting over the escalating Syrian crisis after the UK submitted a draft resolution over the alleged use of chemical weapons and amid fears that Assad's ally, Russia, will veto any action.