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November 11, 2014

11 people, including three soldiers, have been killed and 38 injured in five car bomb blasts in and around Iraq's capital Baghdad.
23:22 GMT

More than eleven Iraqis die and 38 others are injured in five bomb blasts in and around Iraq's capital Baghdad.

Students from the Government Comprehensive Senior Science Secondary School are being treated at the General hospital in Potiskum
22:23 GMT

Nearly 50 students killed at Nigerian school teaching 'western curriculum' after suicide bomber in uniform enters assembly.

People walk through debris in an area recently hit by an alleged air strike by Syrian government forces in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo on November 11, 2014. [AFP]
21:50 GMT

The United Nations refugee agency says the conflicts in Syria and Iraq have roughly displaced 13.6 million people, bemoaning poor humanitarian assistance on the part of some countries.

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas delivers a speech during a ceremony marking 10 years since the death of veteran leader Yasser Arafat on Novemeber 11, 2014. [AFP]
18:16 GMT

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has accused the Gaza-based resistance movement, Hamas, of attempting “to destroy” efforts aimed at bringing about unity among Palestinians.

A supporter of the Palestinian Fatah movement holds a portrait of late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat  during a rally to mark the tenth anniversary of his death in front of the Al-Azhar University in Gaza City, on November 11, 2014. [AFP]
15:22 GMT

Hundreds of supporters of the Fatah movement gathered in al-Katiba square in Gaza City Tuesday despite the movement's decision to cancel the official festival commemorating the 10th anniversary of the death of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, locals said.

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz. [AFP]
14:15 GMT

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz left the Kingdom for Australia on Monday to represent Saudi Arabia at the G20 summit.

The ISIL militants took over Baiji in June. (AFP/File)
14:11 GMT

Iraqi army soldiers and volunteer forces have managed to free the central areas of the oil-rich city of Baiji in the northern Salahuddin Province from the ISIL militants.

A masked Palestinian throws a fire bomb at Israeli forces at the main entrance of the West Bank town of Bethlehem on November 11, 2014. [AFP]
13:43 GMT

A young Palestinian was shot dead by Israeli forces Tuesday during clashes in al-Arrub refugee camp north of Hebron, medics said.

The Egyptian government classifies the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. (AFP/File)
13:25 GMT

Since September, Egyptian authorities have demoted over 200 senior teachers with alleged ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The battle for control of Kobani has killed over 1,000 people. (AFP/FIle)
12:31 GMT

Kurdish forces fighting ISIL militants in the Syrian town of Kobani are reportedly making advances Tuesday.

Tensions in Jerusalem escalated last week after Israel temporarily closed al Aqsa mosque. (AFP/File)
10:57 GMT

Fresh clashes have erupted between Israeli forces and Palestinians in the occupied West Bank after settlers destroyed dozens of cars belonging to Palestinians.

Before Mubarak's fall, Egyptian media only ran official statements about the army, but after the uprising criticism of the military became widespread (AFP file photo).
10:33 GMT

Journalists and activists fear that if implemented, the law would end general coverage of the military, which wields major political and economic influence.

Shia rebels have been battling al Qaeda militants and Sunni tribesman for control of various cities across Yemen. (AFP/File)
10:04 GMT

Yemeni rebels sparked clashes at Sanaa international airport Tuesday, leaving 4 people dead.

The moderate Syrian opposition has been fighting Assad's forces since 2011. (AFP/File)
08:20 GMT

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond reiterated UK's support for the syrian moderate opposition as they fight the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levent's (ISIL) extremism and Syrian president Bashar Al-Assadآ’s regime.

Critics of the NGO law say it allows for the same security surveillance they were subjected to before the 2011 uprising, as well as specifying long jail terms for those who violate the law. (AFP/File)
08:07 GMT

A government ultimatum for NGOs to register under a law they say will restrict their activities expired on Monday.