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March 12, 2014

Libya's former Prime Minister Ali Zeidan was reportedly in Malta late Tuesday despite a government ban on his travel during his corruption investigation (File Archive/AFP)
08:51 GMT

Ousted Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan escaped to Europe Wednesday despite the government's decision to place a travel ban on him Tuesday while he is under investigation for corruption and related irregularities.

Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan's Mafraq already hosts 100,000 refugees (Khalil Mazraawi/AFP)
08:02 GMT

The U.N. announced Tuesday in Geneva that the third refugee camp in Jordan for Syrian refugees is expected to open by April 30th in the Azraq area of the Kingdom.

A bus from an Egyptian news channel was previously attacked and destroyed by pro-Morsi supporters earlier this week (Khaled Desouki/AFP)
07:34 GMT

At least two bombs exploded in Egypt Tuesday evening with one detonating near the Israeli embassy.

Rebel fighters lost their last stronghold near the Lebanese border this week with regime forces overpowering the opposition in Yabroud (AFP)
07:17 GMT

Syrian regime fighters backed by Hezbollah took "full control" of Yabroud this week, the last rebel stronghold near the Lebanese border.

Angry Jordanians took to the streets this week in front of the Israeli Embassy in Amman to protest Zuaiter's death (Khalil Mazraawi/AFP)
06:44 GMT

MPs in Jordan are demanding a firm response to Israel for the death of Jordanian Judge Raed Zuaiter who died Monday after being shot by a border guard at the Allenby Bridge crossing.

Defense Minister Abdallah Al Thanni will replace ousted Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan (Stuart Price/WAC/AFP)
06:02 GMT

Ousted Prime Minister has been banned by his own government from travelling abroad until his investigation over alleged financial corruption and "other irregularities" is completed.

Shiite villages throughout the country have been sites of frequent protests against the ruling Sunni regime since major uprisings began in February 2011 (Mohammed Shaikh/AFP)
05:00 GMT

Bahraini authorities arrested a U.S. national for "attacking" police Tuesday which may put rare rift in Manama's relations with Washington.

March 11, 2014

Turkish police use tear gas to disperse rising protests throughout the country's major cities Tuesday (Adem Altan/AFP)
20:31 GMT

The death of the 15-year-old Turkish boy Tuesday who was previously wounded in Istanbul's June 2013 protests has spurred renewed protests in Turkey's largest city.

Raed Alaa Addin Zieter was buried in Nablus Tuesday (Ahmad Gharbali/AFP)
19:00 GMT

The family of Raed Alaa Addin Zieter who was killed by Israeli forces Monday was laid to rest in Nablus Tuesday. Israel later issued a statement expressing regret for the death, according to related reports.

Sisi is expected to announce his bid for the presidency soon (File Archive/AFP)
18:00 GMT

Egypt's army chief Abdel Fattah Al Sisi arrived in the UAE Tuesday after the UAE followed KSA's decision to label the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.

Lebanon's Bekaa region has been repeatedly targeted by air strikes from Syria due to growing sectarian tensions that have spilled over from the Syrian civil war into Lebanon (File Archive)
17:00 GMT

At least three people from Lebanon's Bekaa Valley were hospitalized Tuesday for injuries received from Syrian rockets.

Syrian President Bashar Al Assad described the Syrian people as full of admiration for Russia Tuesday, according to the country's state news agency (File Archive/AFP)
16:15 GMT

Syria's President Bashar Al Assad commended its ally Russia for "reestablishing balance in international relations" while suicide bombers in Qamishli killed five and left at least 15 wounded.

Libya's Prime Minister Ali Zeidan earlier this week  threatened arm action and air strikes to keep the oil-laden tanker from reaching international waters, but the vessel still managed to escape in another sign of the leadership's limited control in the restive North African country (Mahmud Turkia/AFP)
15:41 GMT

Factions of Libya's government met Tuesday to discuss issuing a new motion that would force the current Prime Minister Ali Zeidan to resign after his leadership failed to stop eastern rebels from independently exporting oil abroad.

Disagreements over the Muslim Brotherhood have caused a rift in Saudi-Qatari relations. (AFP/File)
13:59 GMT

The Saudi foreign minister threatened to block Qatar's land and sea borders over Qatar's involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood. The Saudi government recently designated the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's commentary Tuesday may further distance Israel and Palestinian delegations from reaching agreement to extend peace talks past April deadline (File Archive/AFP)
13:46 GMT

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Tuesday that Tel Aviv would not sign any deal with the Palestinians as part of ongoing peace talks until the latter recognizes Israel as the Jewish state.