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November 3, 2014

The bill needs to be brought to the Israeli Ministerial Committee for Legislation and the Knesset (parliament) for approval. (AFP/File)
11:25 GMT

The Israeli cabinet has approved a motion that allows a jail sentence of up to 20 years for the Palestinians who throw stones or other objects at Israelis and their vehicles.

An explosion rocks Kobani on Nov. 2. (AFP)
09:02 GMT

Severe clashes broke out in Kobani after Iraqi peshmerga forces joined the battle against ISIL, Reuters reported.

Police believe the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber. (AFP/File)
08:43 GMT

Around 48 people were killed and over 100 injured in a bomb blast at Pakistan's Wagah border with India.

Benjamin Netanyahu sits with Jordan's King Abdullah during a meeting in 2010 (File/AFP)
08:26 GMT

Jordan's King Abdullah held secret talks with the Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday amid recent tensions in the Al Aqsa Mosque.

Israeli soldiers stand guard during Friday afternoon prayers in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Ras al-Amud, October 31, 2014 (File/AFP)
07:45 GMT

A Palestinian member of the Knesset accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of "playing with fire" in response to ongoing violence at the Al Aqsa compound.

Libya’s army, supported by forces loyal to retired General Khalifa Haftar, has launched an operation against militant groups in the coastal city. (AFP/File)
07:10 GMT

The Libyan military has urged residents of a central district of Benghazi to evacuate as it pushes ahead with an offensive against militants in the country's second-largest city.

Ghoncheh Ghavami went on hunger strike shortly after being detained by Iranian authorities (Image: The Independent)
07:01 GMT

The 25-year-old British-Iranian woman Ghoncheh Ghavami was sentenced to one year in prison for attempting to watch a men's volleyball game.

Iraqi security forces inspect the damage caused by a car bomb beside a tent offering Shia pilgrims refreshments in Baghdad, November 2, 2014 (File/AFP)
06:26 GMT

A series of bombs killed at least 34 Shia pilgrims in Iraq's capital, Baghdad Sunday as people prepared to commemorate Ashura.

The 56 judges are accused of signing a pro-Morsi statement after Morsi's removal in July of 2013. (AFP/File)
05:00 GMT

Over 50 judges were suspended on Sunday on charges of supporting ousted president Mohamed Morsi.

November 2, 2014

Bomber aircraft conducted seven air strikes in Syria and two in Iraq. (AFP/File)
20:00 GMT

US military forces continued to bomb ISIL targets in Iraq and Syria on Saturday and Sunday.

Al-Nimr was sentenced to death by a Saudi court on October 15. (AFP/File)
19:38 GMT

Saudi Arabia's King has pardoned Shia leader Ayatollah Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr.

Mohammad Abdulmalek Al-Motawakel was shot near his home in Sanaa. (AFP/File)
19:27 GMT

Mohammad Abdulmalek Al-Motawakel was assassinated by gunmen Sunday.

Donors from around the globe have pledged billions to help rebuild the Gaza Strip. (AFP/File)
18:00 GMT

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has opposed a UN reconstruction plan for the Gaza Strip.

Al-Qaeda militants frequently target Yemeni security forces. (AFP/File)
17:00 GMT

At least 13 soldiers in Yemen have been killed and 15 others taken hostage in an attack by suspected al-Qaeda militants.

The Shia pilgrims were on their way to Karbala to commemorate Ashura. (AFP/File)
16:00 GMT

Iraqi police and medical authorities say more than a dozen people have been killed and tens of others injured in a car bomb attack that targeted a group of Shia pilgrims in the capital, Baghdad.