Middle East paramedics and EMTs to practice latest resuscitation guidelines

Middle East paramedics and EMTs to practice latest resuscitation guidelines
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Published September 16th, 2010 - 11:59 GMT

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The aim of any Emergency Medical Service (EMS) is to reduce the fatalities and improve patient outcomes following an emergency incident or serious illness or injury. Within the region there has been a rapid development in Emergency Medical Services and in order to meet the never-ending challenges ahead, continuing education for those responsible for providing Emergency Medical Services must never stop.

The new practical applications for the 2010 American Heart Association's Resuscitation Guidelines will be published at the 8th Middle East Emergency Medical Services Conference. Organised by IIR Middle East, the Emergency Exhibition & Congress will take place as part of the Abu Dhabi Medical Congress (ADMC), from 17 to 19 of October 2010, at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC).

The "Practical Application of the 2010 International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) Guidelines" workshop will allow participants the chance to practice the new guidelines under the facilitation of faculty, graduate paramedics, and students from the Dubai Higher Colleges of Technology Advanced Life Support Paramedic Program in partnership with the Harrisburg Area Community College, USA and the Center of Ambulance Services Dubai.

"Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is one of the areas in medicine where we do not enjoy a great deal of success," says Reon Conning, Paramedic Faculty, Higher Colleges of Technology, Dubai, UAE. "In the past decade the scientific research into seeking to improve our success has escalated significantly. The ILCOR, which comprises different resuscitation councils from various parts of the world, was formed to work together to seek scientific evidence to govern our practice. This has resulted in many changes, for example, the compression to ventilation ratios changed from 5:1 to 15:2, to 30:2. Pharmacological drugs and doses have been changed, the electrical therapies, and the ways that we perform them have also evolved as the scientific data pours in from all over the world. It is therefore very important for practitioners to stay abreast, to ensure that they are giving the best care for the patients, based on the latest scientific evidence."

The term CPR has been altered as evidence shifts the focus of our efforts, adds Mr Conning. The new term is CCR, which stands for Cardio Cerebral Resuscitation and calls for 200 pre-shock chest compressions, one defibrillation shock, and 200 post-shock chest compressions. This delays other advanced interventions such as intubation, and excludes ventilations. The details and science behind this will be presented at the workshop, along with other changes.

Local Emirati students are trained to an international standard at the Dubai Higher Colleges of Technology Advanced Life Support Paramedic Program. When they qualify they are certified by the National Registry in the United States, and sit the same examinations as their American counterparts. "Students are being empowered so that they can improve and grow the emergency services in the United Arab Emirates," says Mr Conning.

At ADMC, more than 200 internationally renowned healthcare experts will take to the stage to discuss medical advances, service innovations and efficiency within Primary Healthcare, Patient Safety, Emergency, Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine sectors.

The 2010 edition of the Emergency Exhibition & Congress will occupy 1,000sqm of the exhibition floor bringing together a wealth of regional and international emergency service professionals and industry leaders along with product manufacturers and distributors.

Trade visitors have unlimited access to the exhibition, and may register their participation at any time during the event. 

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