Morsi: Changes in army leadership serve Egypt interests

Morsi: Changes in army leadership serve Egypt interests
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Mr. Morsi is absolutely right. In a democracy, you cannot have a military junta tell an elected president what he can, and what he cannot do! Egyptians did not have a revolution to replace Mubarak with Mubarak's Generals as the new rulers!

It was a bold move at the right time by Mr. Morsi. The Egyptian army was embarrassed by its abysmal performance in the security of the Sinai Peninsula, and the grinding civil war in Syria reminded the Egyptian generals of the Mubarak era that a military coup in Egypt may turn it into a new Syria - if they had tried to confront Mr. Morsi with martial law.

Then, there was the questionable loyalty to the SCAF by middle and junior level army officers. Did they want their promotions stalled to maintain the SCAF junta as the supreme decision maker in Egypt indefinitely? I doubt it. The SCAF, therefore, had become a bag of rotten apples of the Mubarak-era, and Mr. Morsi decided it was time to compost them! Nikos Retsos, retired professor

Nikos Retsos (not verified) Mon, 08/13/2012 - 14:38

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