Morsi orders to re-convene dissolve Parliament

Morsi orders to re-convene dissolve Parliament
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The annulment by Mr. Mursi of the Egyptian Supreme Court order that dissolved the newly elected parliament is legitimate. The corrupt Mubarak regime has been wiped out by the people of Egypt, and his appointed Supreme Court judges must be replaced because they don't have any legitimacy in the new political order. Until that is done, probably by a new law when the parliament convenes, the corrupt Mubarak appointees at the Egyptian Supreme Court cannot have the final world in what happens in Egypt. The people do, through their elected representatives.

There was a "Revolution," and a "New Political Order" in Egypt. And all Revolutions wipe out the vestiges of the old political order. The Mubarak's coterie at the Egyptian Supreme Court, therefore, are nothing more than furniture of the Mubarak's corrupt regime, and they should be replaced as soon as possible.

Strictly speaking, the remnants of an old, corrupt, and overthrown regime cannot have a place in a new political order anywhere! What Mubarak's appointed Supreme Court judges did in Egypt is similar to what Laurent Gbagbo's appointed Supreme Court judges did in Ivory Coast: They invalidated the election victory of Mr. Alexandro Quattara by declaring Mr. Gbagbo a winner! Those judges were ousted, and the person who had appointed them, former president Laurent Gbagbo, is waiting trial at the the International Criminal Court in Hague!
Nikos Retsos, retired professor

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