Orange Jordan provides superior privileges to ADSL subscribers

Orange Jordan provides superior privileges to ADSL subscribers
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Published November 7th, 2010 - 09:58 GMT

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Orange Jordan

Orange Jordan, the sole integrated telecom operator licensed to provide 3G+ services in the Kingdom, reduced the yearly ADSL subscription prices for residential plans as part of its promotional campaign launched recently in the market.

As part of the offer, the one year subscription of 1M has been reduced to JD 215.2 instead of JD269 with a download capacity of 15GB, whereas the new price for 2M subscription is now JD319.2 instead of JD399 with a download capacity of 25GB.

The promotion grants Orange's subscribers 4 free months instead of 2, in addition to free set-up and upgrade fees, as well as providing its 2M subscribers with free wireless modem, 3 e-mails @ Orange Jordan and 2 free Wi-Fi hours. Furthermore, the offer provides new and current subscribers with unlimited download capacity between 12:00 am (midnight) till 12:00 pm (noon).

This step stems from Orange Jordan's belief in the importance of telecommunication and internet services in improving the quality of life for Jordanians as well as facilitating it. Therefore, Orange's team strives to tailor competitive offers that fulfill the needs of its existing and new subscribers. The new offer comes as a realization of the company's strategic vision to ensure spreading internet all over the kingdom.

It is noteworthy that ever since 2001, Orange Jordan has been continuously reducing internet prices in parallel with upgrading its services to be available for all. This comes in line with the vision of his Majesty King Abdullah II in spreading the internet culture. These constant reductions contributed in increasing internet penetration to reach 28% until the beginning of this year. It also enhanced Orange's position as a leader in the telecommunication market in Jordan by launching 3G+ services in the Kingdom, in a step to place Jordan among the developed countries in providing the best telecommunication services to its people. 


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