Palestinian Arena

November 5, 2014

Israeli soldiers stand in front of a Palestinian rally during clashes in the Al Aqsa Mosque, October 15, 2014 (File/AFP)
09:27 GMT

Palestinian worshipers clashed with Israeli security forces in Jerusalem's Al Aqsa Mosque Wednesday after right-wing Jews entered the compound.

Amnesty International accused Israel of causing the deaths of entire families in cited case studies (File/AFP)
08:59 GMT

Amnesty International condemned Israel's "callous indifference" for civilians during the summer war in Gaza after publishing a series of human rights reports.

The PLO will submit a draft resolution calling for an end to Israeli occupation (File/AFP)
08:17 GMT

Palestinian officials will submit a draft resolution to the UN in November, specifying an end date to Israeli occupation by 2016.

Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat (right), stands with US Secretary of State John Kerry during a press conference in Ramallah, January 4, 2014 (File/AFP)
05:00 GMT

Senior Palestinian official Saeb Erekat said the recent announcement from Israel to build hundreds of illegal settlements in East Jerusalem was a “slap in face” for the US.

November 4, 2014

Israeli authorities have reopened Kerem Shalom and Erez crossings. (AFP/File)
11:34 GMT

Israel has reopened two border crossings with the Gaza Strip after two days of closure.

November 3, 2014

The Israeli government's approval of some 300 new settlement homes in east Jerusalem this week comes on the heels of rising tension at al-Aqsa compound. (AFP/File)
16:08 GMT

On the heels of rising tension at al-Aqsa compound, the Israeli government has reportedly approved the construction of some 500 new settlement homes in east Jerusalem, according to a local NGO.

The bill needs to be brought to the Israeli Ministerial Committee for Legislation and the Knesset (parliament) for approval. (AFP/File)
11:25 GMT

The Israeli cabinet has approved a motion that allows a jail sentence of up to 20 years for the Palestinians who throw stones or other objects at Israelis and their vehicles.

November 2, 2014

Donors from around the globe have pledged billions to help rebuild the Gaza Strip. (AFP/File)
18:00 GMT

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has opposed a UN reconstruction plan for the Gaza Strip.

Israeli officials closed the Gaza crossings following rocket fire from the Strip on Friday (File/AFP)
11:56 GMT

Hamas officials accused Israel of violating a ceasefire agreement following the closure of both Erez and Kerem Shalom crossings.

Over 180 Palestinian children are currently being held in Israeli prisons according to Military Court Watch (File/AFP)
07:43 GMT

Israel security forces in East Jerusalem attempted to detain a two-year-old for throwing stones along with a nine-year-old for having "colored rocks", which turned out to be sweets.

Israeli soldiers stand near the Western Wall, beside the Al-Aqsa Mosque, October 30, 2014 (File/AFP)
06:29 GMT

The Arab League is due to hold a meeting Sunday to discuss the ongoing tensions in Jerusalem including Israeli "violations against the Al-Aqsa Mosque".

October 31, 2014

Solidarity protests took place across the Gaza Strip Friday, with supporters ranging from Hamas affiliates to Islamic Jihad followers. (AFP/File)
15:41 GMT

Thousands took to the streets of the Gaza Strip Friday during a march of solidarity against Israeli actions in Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque compound.

Despite police restrictions, hundreds of Palestinians attended Hijazi's funeral. (AFP/File)
09:09 GMT

Tensions have surged at the al-Aqsa compound this week following the violent killing of a Palestinian and attempted killing of a Jewish activist that spurred the compound to close its doors for the first time since 1967.

SodaStream International Ltd. announced the plant in the Mishor Adumin industrial zone will close in 2015. (File/AFP)
05:00 GMT

SodaStream International Ltd. announced the plant in the Mishor Adumin industrial zone will close in 2015. It said work at the plant, and at another in northern Israel, will be relocated.

October 30, 2014

The Al Aqsa Mosque was completely closed for the first time since 2000. (File/AFP)
18:07 GMT

Israeli authorities decided to reopen the Al Aqsa Mosque for Muslim worshipers.