Qualco hands over the “Beirut Arab University” project in Debbiyeh

Qualco hands over the “Beirut Arab University” project in Debbiyeh
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Published August 4th, 2010 - 09:14 GMT

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Quality Construction Company (Qualco), one of the fastest growing construction and general contracting companies in Lebanon, handed over the latest phase of work on the “Beirut Arab University” project in Debbiyeh. This campus is considered to be a major turning point for the company in developing university projects where Qualco completed the new campus' facilities during four stages of work.
Qualco’s work in Debbiyeh Campus included  the infrastructure of the campus counting the streets, a total of 9 Kilometers sidewalks, electricity, telephone and lighting networks, a power station, a maintenance building, a gymnasium and a 15,000 square meters green soccer stadium. It’s worth mentioning that the Debbiyeh land is a 1,350,000 square meters area that is 33 km away from Beirut's BAU campus and is 400 meter above sea level.
Qualco was able to become a major player in the Lebanese construction sector by acquiring contracts of several prestigious projects and by implementing them, such as thisproject in Debbiyeh and many others. According to Mr. Elie Chidiac, General Manager of Qualco, “the Debbiyeh project was an opportunity for Qualco to stand out from the competition by joining the bid for the different projects the university planned for including the infrastructure of the campus in Debbiyeh, an area of more than one million square meters. We were assigned to work on the project and we did implement it on schedule and in compliance with the required specifications.”
The Debbiyeh project is considered to be a great achievement as it was a breakthrough for Qualco to partner with the “Beirut Arab University” on further projects such as the Faculty of Science in Debbiyeh. Mr. Chidiac added: “the Faculty of Science project was challenging for us and thanks to our devoted team of experts, we were able to deliver this part of the project before the beginning of the academic year in 2009.” He also stressed on the social aspect of the BAU project in Debbiyeh since it is a new pillar of the urban and economic plan of the area and it also creates jobs and investment opportunities for the local community.
It’s worth mentioning that after both Debbiyeh projects, with a total value of 19 million dollars, Qualco acquired an exclusive contract with BAU as the main contractor for the Tripoli campus of which the first phase was launched recently.

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