Rapture and Comedy Evening on the 9th Day of Amman Summer Festival 2010

Rapture and Comedy Evening on the 9th Day of Amman Summer Festival 2010
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Published August 4th, 2010 - 14:10 GMT

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Artists of the classic music school from Bait Al Ruwad Lounge brought back to life the old beautiful songs and presented the best of the original arts and songs on the main stage of Al Hussein Parks within Amman Summer Festival 2010.
Accompanied with the lounge’s band, and led by the Jordanian artist Sakhr Hatter, the latter presented 9 songs, and a piece of “Layali Amman” (Amman Nights), composed by Emile Haddad, during the final part of the main stage’s activities.
With his beautiful voice, artist Fuad Hijazi sang (Shalek ya Helwa), artist Nabeel Fakhouri creatively performed the song (Eb’atli Jawab), and Abdullah Hindeileh was also great in singing an old song for the deceased artist “Abdul Halim Hafeth” (Gana el Hawa Gana); following these performances, the artist Fuad Rakan presented to the audience the song (Es’al ‘Alaya Marrah).   
Then the feminine voice of the artist Salwa tickled the audience with songs such as (Wein ‘ARamallah), and (Bein Al Dawali) both written by Sheikh Rasheed Zaid Al kilani and composed by the departed musician Jameel Al ‘Aas, then she sang “Tekhsa Yakoban” written by Wasfi Al Tel and Hosni Freiz.
Artist Ismail Khader concluded the evening with a rapturous tableau starting with the song “Ya Teir Ya Tayer”, composed by Jameel Al Aas, and then “Ana Men El Aqaba Ya ‘Uiouni”.
Nashama Abna’a Maan Band entertained the audience with Al Samer tableaus, national songs, Dabka dances, and folkloric performances that enriched the second part of the main stage’s activities.
The main activities of the stage started with a comic political play “Sajel Ana Arabi”, by the artist Hussein Tbeishat, which added humor and laughter to the evening.
The play tackled the sufferings of an Arab citizen inside the boundaries of the Arab world, the citizen “Al ‘Am Ghafel” performed by Tbeishat wins a ticket after buying a detergent packet, during the journey, a bomb explodes on the boat “Daya’a” which shall take him from Aqaba port to Nweibe’a port in Egypt on the Mediterranean; then, he passes through a tough investigation, concentrating on the word “bomb”, how did you get it? What is your organization? Who funded the trip? and other questions using violence.
The director and artist Hussein Tbeishat said that this play sends direct and clear messages reflecting the suffering of the Arab citizen on the Arab borders; it also bravely discusses the attitude of the Arab League through ironic scenes when its representative comes and apologizes for what the citizen had passed through.
All through the past 9 days, the family carnival, free, and diverse activities have been running since 18 July 2010 until 31 July 2010. The festivity was organized by Greater Amman Municipality for the 5th year running, offering the audience a wide range of programs including the children’s activities on their special zone, with the cartoon characters, music, Alam Kanafeesh play, by the National Center for Culture and Artistic Shows, in addition to “My Mobile Library”.
On Tuesday 27 July 2010, the artist Majed Zreigat, accompanied with Shabat Al Salt for Folkloric Arts, sang on the main stage. While at the children’s zone, the magicians “Samer & Fadi Al Lord” presented their fantastic shows, in addition to “Saet Farah” play.
On Wednesday 28 July 2010, the audience was amused by a performance by Autostrad Band, GAM’s Band, and “Shubbak ‘Eiletna” Play by the Artists Hasan Sabayleh and Rania Ismail.    


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