Regional News

October 5, 2013

Morsi supporters are calling for more protests on the anniversary of the 1973 October war Sunday (Courtesy of the Baltimore Sun)
13:20 GMT

Supporters of ousted former Egyptian President Morsi are calling for new protests on the anniversary of the 1973 Arab-Israeli war anniversary Sunday.

Morsi supporters clashed with Egyptian security forces throughout the country Friday leaving at least four killed in the violent exchanges (Courtesy of STR/AFP/Getty Images)
05:17 GMT

Clashes between Morsi supporters and security forces killed at least four people in Egypt Friday.

October 4, 2013

An injured supporter of deposed Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi is carried into the Fateh Mosque at Ramses Square (Image credit: Getty)
16:57 GMT

Thousands of Muslim brotherhood supporters took to the streets of Cairo to protest the ouster of ex-President Mohammad Mursi.

Soldiers of the Egyptian Army stand guard near the headquarters of the Egyptian Republican Guard one day after a shooting at the site of a pro-Morsi sit in (Image credit: Getty)
15:24 GMT

Gunmen have attacked an army convoy east of Cairo, killing two soldiers.

Flames rise from the site of a car bomb attack in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk. (Image Credit: AFP)
14:57 GMT

Three soldiers and four soldiers have died in a spate of violence across Iraq.

October 3, 2013

Egyptian defense minister Abdel Fatah el-Sisi (R) meets with EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton in Cairo. A leaked video shows Mr. Sisi discussing how to gag the press. (Image credit: AFP)
17:17 GMT

A new video has emerged showing Egyptian army chief General Abdel Fatah el-Sisi discussing with senior officers the best tactics to “neutralize” and “terrorize” the media.

A picture taken on outside the Russian embassy in Tripoli shows a car that was destroyed during an attack. Russia has evacuated all embassy staff from Libya. (Image credit: AFP)
16:53 GMT

One day after an attack on its embassy in Tripoli, Russia has evacuated all of its embassy staff and families to neighboring Tunisia.

Ready to respond after the first attack on Hanfi, an anti-Taliban militia leader. [tribune]
07:59 GMT

Fifteen people were killed in an attack on a pro-government, anti-Taliban militia commander in Pakistan on Thursday.

Yemeni forces reclaimed their headquarters in the south late Wednesday after al-Qaeda militants attacked and seized the building Monday (AFP)
07:43 GMT

Yemeni forces announced Wednesday that they have reclaimed control of their army headquarters in the south from al-Qaeda militants who seized the building earlier this week.

Disrespecting the Egyptian flag is now punishable under law with up to a six month prison sentence or a 5,000 pound fine (Courtesy of Chris Newbould/Digital Production Middle East)
06:47 GMT

While Egyptian cabinet members pass draft legislation into law that criminalizes "ridiculing" the nation's flag, an EU convoy met with Muslim Brotherhood leaders to discuss steps for reconciliation between the Islamist opposition and the interim government going forward. Clashes in Suez late Wednesday were also reported, leaving one student dead in the fighting.

Kuwaiti courts sentenced opposition activist Mohammed al-Wushaihi to a three-month jail term because of his Twitter posts that allegedly "defamed" the former premier Sheikh Nasser Mohammed al-Ahmad Al-Sabah (Shutterstock)
05:00 GMT

Kuwaiti opposition writer Mohammed al-Wushaihi received a three-month jail sentence Wednesday for using Twitter to post "tweets" about a former prime minister.

October 2, 2013

The Russian embassy in Libya was attacked earlier this year by alleged exiled activists from the Syrian opposition (Courtesy of the Voice of Russia)
18:22 GMT

Al Arabiya reported Wednesday that gunmen attacked the Russian Embassy in Libya's capital city.

UGTT reported Wednesday that its top leaders, such as UGTT head Hussein Abassi, have received "serious threats" due to their efforts to end the political crisis in Tunisia through national dialogue talks (Courtesy of Voice of America)
17:32 GMT

Tunisia's UGTT announced Wednesday that its leaders have been targeted with "serious threats" due to their efforts to end political turmoil in the country by acting as mediators between the Islamist-led government and the opposition.

Yemen's national dialogue was initiated in March, but FM Qirbi announced Wednesday that talks will be further delayed for up to three months (Courtesy of BBC)
16:23 GMT

Yemen's Foreign Minister announced Wednesday that national reconciliation talks may be delayed up to three months. With Yemen's rocky political transition still in limbo, Al-Qaeda-linked violence continues in the south of the country leaving four Yemeni soldiers.

The Muslim Brotherhood is united and will not stop calling for the reinstatement of Mohamed Morsi, its secretary general said Wednesday. (AFP/File)
12:25 GMT

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood on Wednesday said it will not retract its calls to end the "military coup" that ousted Islamist leader Mohamed Morsi and will still demand the former president's return to office.