Regional News

March 20, 2013

Kuwait is to grant citizenship to 4000 'bidoon' or stateless people residing in the country, after years of protests. (File photo)
16:45 GMT

Kuwait is to grant citizenship to 4000 'bidoon' or stateless people residing in the country, AFP reported on Wednesday.

US President Barack Obama meets Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (AFP Photo)
13:49 GMT

US President Barack Obama has arrived in the holy land and announced the unbreakable bond between Israel and the US.

Iraqi civilians inspect the damage following a car bomb attack that happened late at night in Kirkuk, north of Baghdad, on Wednesday, that killed one and wounded several. (Photo: AFP / MARWAN IBRAHIM)
11:00 GMT

An Iraqi militant group linked to al-Qaeda claimed responsibility on Wednesday for attacks that killed dozens of people across the country the day before.

French hostage, Philippe Verdon, has been killed in Mali, according to Mauritania's ANI news agency (YOUSSOUF IBRAHIM / AFP)
10:06 GMT

French hostage, Philippe Verdon, has been beheaded by al-Qaeda’s wing in north Africa in retaliation for France’s intervention in Mali, Mauritania’s ANI news agency reported on Tuesday.

Saudi Arabia arrested 18 people accused of being involved in espionage activity. (Photo used for illustrative purposes)
05:06 GMT

Saudi Arabia arrested 18 people accused of being involved in espionage activity.

March 19, 2013

 Suheir Attasi (L1) , Mostafa Sabbagh Syrian opposition's National Coalition chief Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib (CL) , Mostafa Sabbah(CR) and George Sebra (R) attend Syria's opposition coalition meeting on Monday in Istanbul to choose their first prime minister. (Photo: AFP / OZAN KOSE)
05:21 GMT

Syrian opposition coalition members on Tuesday elected former businessman Ghassan Hitto as provisional prime minister in a meeting in Istanbul.

March 18, 2013

Arsal village in the Bekaa valley, Lebanon (The Daily Star)
18:10 GMT

The Syrian planes bombed two locations in Arsal, 5km from the Syrian borders

Yemeni protesters call for southern independence during a demonstration on the first anniversary of the ouster of autocratic leader Ali Abdullah Saleh in Aden. (AFP PHOTO/STR)
10:23 GMT

Yemen launched on Monday UN-backed national reconciliation talks aimed at drawing the state’s divisive players towards a negotiated settlement.

Egyptian protesters clash with riot police in front of the Muslim brotherhood headquarters in Cairo on Sunday. (Photo: AFP / STR)
08:24 GMT

Police used teargas and birdshot on Sunday evening to disperse roughly 3000 anti-Muslim Brotherhood protestors who had gathered outside the Brotherhood's headquarters in the Cairo district of Moqattam.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday chose Moshe Yaalon to be the country’s next defense minister, a government official said.
06:47 GMT

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chooses Moshe Yaalon, an ex-general and vice premier from his right-wing Likud party, to be the country’s next defense minister.

A Syrian rebel aims his weapon as he takes position behind a makeshift barricade during clashes with regime forces in the Salaheddine district of Aleppo in northern Syria on Saturday. (Photo: AFP / JM LOPEZ)
05:07 GMT

Twelve candidates are running for interim prime minister of a government to rule rebel-controlled areas in Syria.

March 17, 2013

The capture of the arms depots was confirmed by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights watchdog. (Photo: AFP /JM LOPEZ)
15:04 GMT

Syrian rebels have seized several weapons depots in the village of Khan Toman in Aleppo province after days of fierce clashes, a military source told AFP on Sunday.

An image grab taken from a video uploaded on YouTube on March 16, 2013 shows a bus following an accident with a truck in the Adssiyeh region in southwest Jordan. (AFP PHOTO/YOUTUBE)
11:29 GMT

The governor of Jenin confirms that the victims of the crash will be returned to their home city.

Tunisian people wave a giant national flag during a demonstration to mark the 40th day of mourning after the death of anti-Islamist opposition leader Chokri Belaid (featured on poster) on Saturday on the Habib Bourguiba Avenue in Tunis. (AFP / Fethi Belaid)
10:21 GMT

Thousands of Tunisians gathered on the streets of the country's capital, Tunis, on Saturday, to call for an end to the ruling Islamist Ennahada party they blame for the assassination of Chokri Belaid.

The Libyan embassy in Cairo announced on Saturday that it had suspended operations indefinitely. (Photo used for illustrative purposes)
07:58 GMT

The Libyan embassy in Cairo suspends operations indefinitely following protests over Copt death.