Regional News

July 5, 2013

Egypt's Prosecutor General Abdel Maguid Mahmoud steps back to previous position (image courtesy of Yahoo News)
17:10 GMT

Prosecutor General resigned from his post Friday for fear of conflict of interest

July 4, 2013

Khairat el-Shater (R) and Mohammed Badie (L) (AFP)
15:21 GMT

Mohammad Badie was arrested on Thursday whilst an arrest warrant was published for his deputy Khairat el-Shater

Eric Cantor, House of Representatives Majority Leader emphasizes importance of Egyptian stability to US national security.   (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
15:06 GMT

Eric Cantor, House of Representatives Majority Leader in the United States, emphasizes importance of Egyptian stability to US national security.

Protests initially sparked by a brutal police action against a local conservation battle to save Istanbul's Gezi Park snowballed into nationwide demonstrations against the Islamic-rooted government.( AFP/Gurcan Ozturk)
12:42 GMT

A court has overturned controversial plans to build over Istanbul's symbolic Gezi Park

Tunisians shout slogans against the ruling Ennahda Party during a protest in front of the Constituent Assembly on July 1, 2013 in Tunis. Tunisia's National Assembly began debating for the first time the draft constitution, which has been criticised by opponents of the Islamist-led government and took far longer to promulgate than originally planned. (AFP PHOTO / FETHI BELAID)
12:00 GMT

The Tunisian Tamarod protest movement gathers momentum following deposal of President Morsi in Egypt.

Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Cairo react to the announcement that Egyptian constitution had been suspended and Mohamed Morsi ousted as President (AFP)
11:45 GMT

Ten people were killed and 500 injured as soem Egyptians reacted with violence to the news that President Mohamed Morsi had been overthrown and the constitution suspended

Egypt's interim President Adly Mansour addresses the country after he's sworn in (AFP)
11:05 GMT

The Head of the Constitutional Court was sworn in on Thursday as Egypt's interim President

An image grab taken from a video released by the Muslim Brotherhood Office shows ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi speaking on July 3 (Muslim Brotherhood Office / AFP)
07:51 GMT

Egypt's ousted President Mohamed Morsi is being held by the Egyptian army for 'preventative measures

An Egyptian family on motorcycle celebrates in Cairo on July 3 after a broadcast by the head of Egypt's army suspended the constitution (Khaled Desouki / AFP)
07:49 GMT

Saudi King Abdullah was the first world leader to offer his congratulations to Egypt's interim President Adly Mansour, whilst the US expressed concern at the military intervention, without describing Wednesday's events as a coup

July 3, 2013

People celebrate in Tahrir Square after the army overthrew President Mohamed Morsi (AFP)
22:02 GMT

Former President Mohamed Morsi was ousted by the head of the Egyptian army on Wednesday, following days of massive demonstrations throughout the country

An image grab taken from Egyptian state TV shows Egyptian Defence Minister Abdelfatah al-Sissi delivering a statement on July 3 (Egyptian TV / AFP)
20:32 GMT

The head of the Egyptian Army on Wednesday suspended the Egyptian constitution and called for early parliamentary and presidential elections, as Mohamed Morsi denounced the act as a coup

An Egyptian man welcomes an Army soldier upon his deployment on a street leading to Cairo University (AFP)
19:46 GMT

A joint statement to be delivered by opposition political figures, religious leaders at the army-controlled state television studio in Cairo

Egyptian Defence Minister Abdelfatah al-Sisi (AFP)
17:38 GMT

Security advisor says a military coup is underway in Egypt and he expects bloodshed

An Egyptian opposition protester holds up the head of a sheep as tens of thousands gather outside the Presidential Palace calling for the ouster of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi (Gianluigi Guercia / AFP)
16:37 GMT

Thousands pack Cairo streets as the Egyptian President clings on to power with army deadline expired

The wreckage of burnt vehicles and ransacked buildings are seen the day after deadly clashes at the Abu Salim police station on June 27, 2013 in Tripoli (Mahmud Turkia / AFP)
13:35 GMT

The Interior Ministry in the Libyan capital Tripoli was closed on Wednesday after gunmen launched an assault on the building late Tuesday