Regional News

September 29, 2013

Hacktivist group "Jordan Anonymous" attacked Jordan PM Abdullah Ensour's website late Saturday in response to rising taxes in the Kingdom (Courtesy of Jordan Times)
09:51 GMT

Computer hackers from the group, Anonymous Jordan, attacked the Prime Minister's website late Saturday leaving messages in protest against rising taxes in the Kingdom.

Tunisian President Marzouki has called on Egyptian authorities to release President Morsi from detention (Reuters)
09:12 GMT

Cairo recalled its ambassador to Tunisia after the North African President demanded the release of former Egyptian President Morsi.

Egypt's Nabil Fahmy says that the roadmap guiding the transition in the country has established "principles of justics, freedom and democracy as a basis of governance" (Courtesy of World Bulletin)
07:51 GMT

The Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy announced Saturday that Egypt's governmental transition will end "by next spring."

September 28, 2013

Iraq is experiencing its highest levels of violence since 2008 (Image credit: AFP)
15:57 GMT

A spate of deadly attacks across Iraq killed eleven people. Nearly 750 people have died in September due to sectarian violence.

Tunisian mediator and Secretary General of the Tunisian General Labor Union (UGTT) Houcine Abbassi speaks during a press conference (Image credit: AFP)
15:13 GMT

In a major breakthrough, Tunisia's Islamist government has agreed to step down after three weeks of negotiations with the opposition.

September 26, 2013

Following Obama's speech at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, analysts say that Egyptian-US relations are feeling unsettled. (AFP/File)
10:02 GMT

Barack Obama's comments at the UN are being seen by some in Egypt as a sign of US acceptance of Morsi's ouster. The speech elicited mixed reactions from Egypt on their relations with the US.

The head of the drafting committee for the Egyptian constitution said Thursday the final draft will be ready by Eid Al Adha on October 14. (AFP/File)
08:05 GMT

Amr Moussa, head of the new Egyptian constitution drafting committee, said Thursday that the final draft of the document will be ready before Eid Al Adha, on the 14th October.

The Egyptian army has launched a massive operation against militants in the Sinai peninsula. (AFP/File)
07:35 GMT

Egyptian government forces have been pushing on with their crackdown against the Sinai peninsula, with army helicopters flying overhead as troops storm militant strongholds in the area.

UGTT has called for nationwide peaceful protests to end the political crisis and oust the Islamist-led government (Courtesy of Foreign Policy Journal)
04:00 GMT

Tunisia's UGTT announced planned protests for Thursday through its Facebook page Wednesday.

September 25, 2013

Free Syrian Army rebels have take control of the Daraa-Ramtha border crossing (Courtesy of Bana Malkawi/Ammon News)
19:56 GMT

The Free Syrian Army has gained control of the Daraa-Ramtha border as of Wednesday.

Authorities say they have foiled Salafi plot to dismantle the country as the public prepares for nationwide protests to end political crisis in the North African country (AFP)
19:37 GMT

Tunisian authorities reported it dismantled a plot that would slice the nation into three Islamic emirates.

The Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice newspaper headquarters was raided Wednesday despite government statements that the ban on Muslim Brotherhood activities may be delayed (Courtesy of Euro News)
19:20 GMT

Egyptian authorities raid and shut down the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice newspaper in Cairo Wednesday.

Wednesday's suicide bomb death was preceded earlier last week by bomb attacks that killed more than 50 people stationed at a southern Yemen military base. Army personnel pictured here participated in a funeral for the dead soldiers earlier this week (AFP)
17:00 GMT

A suicide bomber killed a Yemeni intelligence officer in an Ataq market Wednesday.

Two members of the elite Saudi National Guard died in an accidental explosion during a routine training drill on Tuesday, the Saudi state news agency reported. (AFP)
09:27 GMT

Two elite soldiers belonging to the elite Saudi National Guard were killed on Tuesday after a bomb accidentally exploded during a routine training drill.

The Muslim Brotherhood will not be disbanded until all court procedures concerning the case are completed, an Egyptian government official said Wednesday. (AFP/File)
08:40 GMT

The Egyptian government will delay the ban of the Muslim Brotherhood until all court procedures concerning the case are completed, a government official said Wednesday.