Regional News

December 9, 2014

The U.S. has tightened security at embassies worldwide fearing blow back after the release of the report. (AFP/File)
18:48 GMT

A Senate Intelligence Committee report, released Tuesday, called the CIA's interrogation of terrorism suspects after Sept. 11, 2001, more brutal than it acknowledged to the White House or to the public.

Militant groups in Yemen frequently target Yemeni security forces. (AFP/File)
17:57 GMT

A branch of al-Qaeda in Yemen has claimed responsibility for twin car bombings which left seven soldiers dead in southeast of the country.

Bahrain has dealt with widespread unrest since protests began in 2011. (AFP/File)
16:39 GMT

Bahrain's Interior Ministry says a policeman who lost his life in a blast southwest of the capital Manama was a Jordanian officer who was present in the kingdom under a security exchange program.

Bahrain's Interior Ministry has launched an investigation into the attack. (AFP/File)
11:05 GMT

A Bahraini policeman was killed in an explosion southwest of the country's capital, Manama, on Monday night.

Libya's two rival governments will begin peace talks next week. (AFP/File)
09:53 GMT

The United Nations postponed Libya's peace talks to next week in order to give the rival parties time to work out the details.

Bombs targeting Houthi militiamen exploded in the Yemeni capital early in the morning, injuring several people according to police. (AFP/File)
08:58 GMT

Six soldiers were killed and several others injured in southeastern Yemen after car bombs exploded outside military headquarters.

Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood is the country's biggest opposition party, has operated legally for decades and has substantial grassroots support. (Photo: AFP)
07:06 GMT

Jordan charges deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood with "souring ties with a foreign country".

Millions were displaced in 2014 due to ongoing conflicts. (AFP/File)
06:00 GMT

The United Nations has appealed for a record USD 16.4 billion in humanitarian aid to help almost 60 million people across the globe next year.

December 8, 2014

King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz is 90 years old. (AFP/File)
17:04 GMT

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz has carried out an extensive cabinet reshuffle.

Roughly 230 million children are living in countries and regions affected by armed conflict. (AFP/File)
14:45 GMT

The United Nations children’s agency UNICEF has named 2014 as a devastating year for children, deploring the brutality experienced by minors.

Yemeni coast guards patrol the waters at the port city of Aden, March 10, 2014. (AFP/File)
13:00 GMT

Seventy Ethiopian migrant drowned after their boat sank off the coast of Yemen due to high winds and rough waters.

Close to the Afghan capital Kabul, Bagram is home to thousands of US military personnel. (AFP/File)
10:32 GMT

A Taliban rocket attack on the US-controlled Bagram air base close to Kabul left two foreign nationals dead, local officials confirmed.

Yemeni soldiers check IDs at a checkpoint in the capital Sanaa, March 16, 2013. (AFP/File)
09:36 GMT

Five roadside bombs targeting Houthi fighters exploded in the Yemeni capital Sanaa early Monday wounding at least eight people.

Up to 136 detainees remain in the notorious Guantanamo Bay prison, according to the Pentagon. (AFP/John Moore)
06:46 GMT

Six Guantanamo Bay detainees were transferred to Uruguay after being held by US authorities in Cuba for over 12 years.

December 7, 2014

The new president of the Tunisian Assembly Mohamed Ennaceur  gives his first speech, in the presence of his deputies Abdelfattah Mouro and Faouzia Ben Fodha, during a plenary session on December 4, 2014 in Tunis. (Photo: AFP)
19:29 GMT

The Tunisian electoral commission has announced that polling stations will be open to voters in the country’s presidential runoff election later this month.