Regional News

December 7, 2014

Britain to establish naval Base in Bahrain. (AFP/File)
14:55 GMT

Bahraini-British naval base deal is being presented as a "symbolic" deal but will identify Britain as an old colonial power siding with Bahrain's Sunni monarchy.

The British embassy has indefinitely stopped public services given heightened risks of terrorism in Cairo. (AFP/File)
14:22 GMT

The British embassy in Cairo suspended public services on Sunday for security reasons. The embassy cites risks of terrorism in particular.

Bahrain FM says Hezbollah like ISIL and Al-Qaeda. (AFP/File)
13:20 GMT

Bahrain's foreign minister compares Hezbollah to groups like ISIL and Al-Qaeda.

Lorenzo Vinciguerra, an Swiss wildlife photographer held by Abu Sayyaf since 2012, escaped by snatching a machete from his captors and using it against them. (AFP/FIle)
12:04 GMT

A Swiss wildlife photographer held hostage by Abu Sayyaf, an al-Qaeda-linked Islamic separatist group in the Philippines, recently escaped by turning his captors' machete against them and fleeing.

The UK has been criticized by rights groups for failing to condemn Bahrain's violent crackdown on opposition protesters. (AFP/File)
11:21 GMT

The British military will set up a permanent base in Bahrain, angering human rights groups who condemned the UK's silence over attacks on protesters in the Arab kingdom.

An estimated 930 French nationals are believed to have joined ISIL, while 2,000 Brits may be fighting alongside the militant group. (AFP/File)
10:37 GMT

Turkey banned around 7,200 foreign ISIL supporters from entering the country while over 1,000 terrorists were deported since 2011, according to the foreign ministry.

US soldiers patrol the Kunar province during a joint operation with the Afghan National Army, April 18, 2013. (AFP/File)
05:47 GMT

The US will keep over 10,000 soldiers in Afghanistan, Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel announced during a trip to the country Saturday.

December 6, 2014

US photojournalist, Luke Somers, has been killed in Yemen during a failed rescue raid. (AFP/File)
09:55 GMT

A US photojournalist, Luke Somers, was killed in Yemen during a failed rescue raid.

Because of the lack of equipment, Peshmerga fighters often find themselves forced to bypass certain areas in order to avoid the bombs. (AFP/File)
09:36 GMT

Kurdish Peshmerga forces have cleared out as many as 3,000 bombs in the areas they liberated from ISIL.

Ali Abdullah Saleh’s alleged support of insurgents and his attempts to dominate the GPC have been received with dismay across the region, Yemeni political sources told Asharq Al-Awsat. (AFP/File)
05:00 GMT

Former president Ali Abdullah Saleh is believed to have facilitated the takeover of the capital, Sanaa, and large parts of Yemen by militants loyal to Shia leader Abdul Malik Al-Houthi in September.

December 5, 2014

The burnt media building stands in central Grozny on Dec. 4 after the militant attack. (AFP/Elena Fitkulina)
08:42 GMT

An Islamist group has claimed responsibility, saying it was revenge for “the oppression of Muslim women”.

December 4, 2014

This image made from video released by the Abu Dhabi police department on December 2, 2014, shows a veiled suspect in the stabbing of an American teacher at a shopping mall. (Photo: Youtube)
15:41 GMT

Police in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have foiled a bomb attack targeting an American doctor in the capital, Abu Dhabi.

The H2S gas spread from Israel into the Jordanian town of Aqaba on Wednesday. (AFP/File)
13:02 GMT

A gas pipe burst in the Israeli town of Eilat late Wednesday sending emissions across to Aqaba in Jordan, according to Petra news agency.

A media building struck by gunmen in the early hours of the morning in Grozny remains on fire, December 4, 2014. (AFP/File)
09:56 GMT

An anti-terrorist operation is underway in the Chechen capital Grozny after clashes between security forces and unknown gunmen left 13 dead.

Luke Somers was kidnapped over a year ago by Al Qaeda in Sanaa. (Image: Facebook)
09:14 GMT

Al Qaeda in Yemen threatened to kill a 33-year-old American photojournalist who was kidnapped over a year ago in the country's capital, Sanaa.