Regional News

March 3, 2014

Human Rights Watch has called on the U.S. to review its drone practices. (AFP/File)
11:14 GMT

At least three people have been killed in a airstrike carried out by a U.S. assassination drone in Yemen’s eastern province of Mareb, local media reported Monday.

Seven Egyptian Christians were shot dead in Benghazi just last week (Courtesy of France 24)
08:33 GMT

Another Egyptian was shot in Libya's Benghazi late Sunday, increasing tension and concerns for security between Cairo and Tripoli.

Libyan protestors have called on the parliament to resign over corruption and its failure to provide the Libyan people with a better life in the post-Gaddafi era (Mahmud Turkia/AFP)
07:57 GMT

Violent Protests that erupted in Libya's capital Sunday have left at least two members of Libya's interim parliament wounded as turmoil continues to envelope the city.

March 2, 2014

Tribesman in the area have previously blocked roads and blown up pipelines and related supply routes in protest against a recent killing of one of their main tribal chiefs (Courtesy of Arabian Oil and Gas)
15:53 GMT

Six crew members of a Yemeni military plane were kidnapped Sunday after the plane made an emergency landing in the eastern part of the country.

Egypt's new prime minister, Ibrahim Mahlab, addressed the nation on Sunday. (AFP/File)
14:27 GMT

Ibrahim Mahlab focused on security in his first national address.

Students protest outside Azhar University. (AFP/File)
13:38 GMT

Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim announced Sunday that police will no longer intervene on college campuses unless violence occurs.

On March 14, 2011 Saudi troops entered Bahrain to assist leadership in a government crackdown against the opposition protestors (File Archive/AFP)
13:10 GMT

Protestors in Bahrain demanding that Saudi forces pull out of the country were allegedly attacked by police officials in the country's capital.

Morsi is being tried with 14 others for inciting murder and torture of opposition protestors in December 2012 (File Archive)
10:55 GMT

Former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi's trial was adjourned until Tuesday due to bad weather conditions Sunday.

Protestors chanted "no to a fourth term" and "15 years is enough" during the demonstrations in Algiers this weekend (Farouk Batiche/AFP)
09:20 GMT

Demonstrators in Algeria's capital were dispersed by police Saturday for conducting protests against President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's re-election bid.

Kuwait, a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council, is reluctant to sign on to the group's security agreement. (AFP/File)
08:00 GMT

Kuwait remains hesitant about signing on to the GCC security pact, citing concerns that the agreement could restrict personal freedoms.

February 28, 2014

The coming to power of General Al-Sisi in Egypt has stoked tension with neighboring Hamas ruled Gaza. Egypt has cracked down on smuggling tunnels from Gaza and has frequently disrupted passage at the Rafah border crossing. (Photo Courtesy:
18:53 GMT

Egypt's closing of the Rafah border crossing brings hundreds of Palestinians to the border in protest on Friday.

During the fighting the army and allied Islamists lost 8 men, while the Shiite rebels lost 16, with many more injured on both sides. (Photo Courtesy:
17:35 GMT

Clashes erupted in North Yemen as government forces and Islamist allies look to prevent rebels from capturing parts of the country.

Immigrants from Sudan and Eritrea are fleeing to Israel to escape the harsh conditions of their home countries. The Israeli government has been unwelcoming. (AFP/File).
09:40 GMT

The Israeli government is offering asylum seekers from Sudan and Eritrea money to leave Israel. If they refuse, Israel often places them in detention facilities.

Iraq has faced an uptick in violence in recent months as al-Qaeda has shown itself resilient and able to make gains across the country, most recently in Fallujah. (AFP/File)
08:22 GMT

Separate attacks across the country killed 52 and wounded many more. Violence in Iraq has reached its highest level since 2008.

February 27, 2014

Thursday's report that the Egyptian military will no longer be lead by the president comes in light of an army that has increasingly positioned itself as an autonomous center of power within the Egyptian state. The army refused an order to fire live ammunition against Egyptians during the 2011 uprisings.  (AFP/File)
19:29 GMT

The Egyptian defense minister will now be the head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), giving the military greater autonomy in the future.