Regional News

March 2, 2014

Protestors chanted "no to a fourth term" and "15 years is enough" during the demonstrations in Algiers this weekend (Farouk Batiche/AFP)
09:20 GMT

Demonstrators in Algeria's capital were dispersed by police Saturday for conducting protests against President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's re-election bid.

Kuwait, a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council, is reluctant to sign on to the group's security agreement. (AFP/File)
08:00 GMT

Kuwait remains hesitant about signing on to the GCC security pact, citing concerns that the agreement could restrict personal freedoms.

February 28, 2014

The coming to power of General Al-Sisi in Egypt has stoked tension with neighboring Hamas ruled Gaza. Egypt has cracked down on smuggling tunnels from Gaza and has frequently disrupted passage at the Rafah border crossing. (Photo Courtesy:
18:53 GMT

Egypt's closing of the Rafah border crossing brings hundreds of Palestinians to the border in protest on Friday.

During the fighting the army and allied Islamists lost 8 men, while the Shiite rebels lost 16, with many more injured on both sides. (Photo Courtesy:
17:35 GMT

Clashes erupted in North Yemen as government forces and Islamist allies look to prevent rebels from capturing parts of the country.

Immigrants from Sudan and Eritrea are fleeing to Israel to escape the harsh conditions of their home countries. The Israeli government has been unwelcoming. (AFP/File).
09:40 GMT

The Israeli government is offering asylum seekers from Sudan and Eritrea money to leave Israel. If they refuse, Israel often places them in detention facilities.

Iraq has faced an uptick in violence in recent months as al-Qaeda has shown itself resilient and able to make gains across the country, most recently in Fallujah. (AFP/File)
08:22 GMT

Separate attacks across the country killed 52 and wounded many more. Violence in Iraq has reached its highest level since 2008.

February 27, 2014

Thursday's report that the Egyptian military will no longer be lead by the president comes in light of an army that has increasingly positioned itself as an autonomous center of power within the Egyptian state. The army refused an order to fire live ammunition against Egyptians during the 2011 uprisings.  (AFP/File)
19:29 GMT

The Egyptian defense minister will now be the head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), giving the military greater autonomy in the future.

Thursday's bombing comes after a car bomb attack near the Somali presidential palace last week by al-Shabbab fighters who control parts of the country and are looking to overthrow the government.  (File Archive/AFP)
18:43 GMT

A car bomb exploded in Mogadishu killing 10, as violence increases in the war-torn state.

According to a human rights report by the US State Department, gays face legal and societal discrimination in Jordan. (Photo Courtesy:
16:03 GMT

Jordanian authorities arrested 10 "gays and lesbians" on Wednesday night to prevent a "disturbance of the peace," according to a security official.

Morsi has also been accused of passing state secrets to Iran. (AFP/File)
11:34 GMT

Cairo Criminal Court suspended Thursday afternoon the trial of former president Mohamed Morsi and 35 other Muslim Brotherhood leaders on charges of espionage.

Morocco's torture record was officially condemned by the U.N. in 2012 (Fadel Senna/AFP)
10:49 GMT

Morocco has decided to suspend its judicial cooperation with France following the developing "diplomatic row" between the colonial-tied countries over Rabat's human rights record.

The explosion has killed four people. (Image courtesy of  Emirates 24/7)
10:47 GMT

Four people were killed in Doha on Thursday after a gas cylinder exploded in Qatar, state television reported.

Since 2011, a spate of pro-democracy protests have spread across Bahrain. (AFP/File)
09:40 GMT

Security forces disbanded a peaceful protest near Manama on Wednesday. Protesters were condemning the death of Jaffer al-Durazi.

Yemen security officials have been frequent targets of militant attacks throughout the country (Mohammed Huwais/AFP)
07:25 GMT

A Yemeni security officer was killed by multiple gun wounds while at a restaurant in the southeast of the country.

February 26, 2014

The U.N's U.S. envoy described the move as "forward-leaning". (AFP/File)
18:12 GMT

A Security Council resolution that sets up a committee to sanction individuals interfering with Yemen's progress is "forward-leaning," the U.S. envoy said.