Regional News

October 25, 2013

Palestinian Presidents meets with European Union Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton on Thursday ahead of peace talks
12:51 GMT

In a meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas held on Thursday, European Union foreign policy chief urged for a Palestinian reconciliation while asserting her support for Palestinian state-building.

October 24, 2013

Protestors in Tunis called on the ruling Islamist Ennahda party to immediately resign Wednesday (Courtesy of AIM)
13:35 GMT

Tunisia’s ruling Islamist party office in the town of Kef was torched by angry protesters in a second day of demonstrations across the country.

Al-Qaeda prisoners have previously broken out of prisons throughout Yemen, particularly since uprisings that ousted former president Ali Abdullah Saleh (AFP)
13:13 GMT

Unidentified gunmen killed a Yemeni intelligence officer outside of his home in Sana'a Thursday.

61 Syrian female detainees released by Syrian government in exchange for two Turkish Pilots and nine Lebanese Shia Muslims. []
13:08 GMT

Syrian government releases 61 female detainees as part of three-way deal to free Lebanese and Turkish hostages.

The nighttime curfew that applies across 14 of Egypt's governorates may be extended beyond mid-November. (AFP/File)
10:26 GMT

The nighttime curfew that applies to 14 Egyptian governorates could remain in place after planned end to state of emergency in mid-November, according to a government official.

Amr Moussa, the head of Egypt's 50-member constitutional committee, has denied reports that the military has been putting pressure on the panel and asking for army chief Sisi to be granted immunity. (AFP/File)
09:00 GMT

The head of the panel for Egypt's constitution, Amr Moussa, on Thursday categorically denied that the Egyptian army is putting pressure on the panel to grant army chief Abel Fattah El Sisi immunity.

The UN Security Council has been slammed by the KSA's UN Ambassador as being ineffective when it comes to the Middle East's conflicts. (AFP/File)
07:43 GMT

Saudi Arabia's UN envoy Abdullah bin Yahiya Al-Mua'lemi delivered a scathing attack on the UN Security Council over its inability to solve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the war in Syria.

Wednesday's announcement represents the first time that PM Ali Larayedh has committed to resignation ahead of the adoption of a new constitution (Fethi Belaid/AFP)
07:21 GMT

Tunisia's Prime Minister Ali Larayedh reaffirmed Wednesday that his Islamist-led government was "committed to the principle" of resigning as outlined in the country's political transition road map.

Women plan to "take the wheel" on October 26 in a stand against restrictions on women driving in Saudi, the last country in the world that imposes limitations on women drivers. [mideastposts]
07:00 GMT

Saudi authorities issue warning in preparation of women taking the wheel in an upcoming driving campaign.

Former information minister  Salah Abdel Maqsud has been referred to trial for offering state TV equipment to Al-Jazeera's Mubasher Misr during the overthrow of former president Morsi in July (Courtesy of Ahram Online)
05:00 GMT

Egypt's public prosecutor referred former information minister Salah Abdel Maqsud to trail for offering state television equipment to a satellite channel who broadcast pro-Morsi demonstrations.

October 23, 2013

Wednesday's clashes between Tunisia's national guard and Islamist militants left nine dead (Courtesy of Euronews)
17:38 GMT

Seven members of Tunisia's National Guard and two Islamist militants were killed on Wednesday in clashes between both sides in the southern town of Sidi Bouzid.

Previous bomb attacks happened in Sinai' el-Arish region in July (Courtesy of Press TV)
16:29 GMT

Militants killed an Egyptian soldier while security forces made 72 arrests in Sinai Wednesday, and at least five people were killed in a land dispute between two Coptic Christian families south of Cairo.

The US considers Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula as the "deadliest franchise" of the terrorist network (AFP)
16:03 GMT

Security forces in Yemen foiled an al-Qaeda inmate escape attempt from a Sana'a prison Wednesday.

Freedom of expression has largely been suppressed in Jordan. Any form of dissent or criticism towards the King can be tried as a crime in front of a military court without a jury under a 1961 penal code (Raad Adayleh/AP)
15:32 GMT

Human Rights Watch called on the UN to pressure Jordan to lift restrictions on freedom of expression before considering its bid for a seat on the UN Human Rights Council.

US and Russia delegations will meet with UN special envoy Lakhdar Brahimi November 5th to prepare for the proposed Syria peace conference (Courtesy of the UN)
13:16 GMT

US and Russian officials will meet with UN Special Representative for Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, early next month to prepare for a full Syria peace conference in the Swiss capital.