Regional News

December 5, 2013

Egypt's central Cairo prosecution referred Ahmed Douma, along with Ahmed Maher and Mohamed Adel have  to criminal court Wednesday (File Archive)
05:40 GMT

Prominent Egyptian youth activists Ahmed Maher and Mohmaed Adel were sentenced to face criminal court late Wednesday. Two other activists, Ahmed Douma and Alaa Abdel-Fattah, were also charged and detained earlier this week.

December 4, 2013

Cairo University's students backing ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi flash the four-finger sign during a demonstration against July's military "coup," in Tahrir square on December 1, 2013 in Cairo, Egypt. Protesters were chanting "Down with the military regime!", "People want the fall of the regime!" and "Rabaa Rabaa", an AFP reporter said. (AFP)
08:41 GMT

Coalition of Islamists led by Mohamed Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood says rewriting of charter is 'absurd', whilst claiming that the upcoming referendum will be rigged. The group did not say it would boycott the vote, however.

The Saudi  Human Rights Commission's report acknowledged the "difficulties, obstacles, and discrimination women face in their life on a daily basis under the male guardianship system" (AFP)
06:20 GMT

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah ordered authorities this week to consider the Human Rights Commission's recommendations on 72 proposals, including women driving rights.

The Saudi Arabian government has deported more than 126,000 illegal workers in the one month since the authorities cracked down on migrants in the Kingdom. Here, Illegal migrants wait to be transferred by police buses to a deportation centre in Riyadh, on November 13, 2013 (AFP)
06:18 GMT

Since the government launched a nation-wide crackdown on illegal workers exactly one month ago, Saudi Arabia has deported more than 126,000 people from the Kingdom.

Egypt's El Sisi is the current frontrunner for TIME's 2013 Person of the Year (AFP)
04:00 GMT

Recent polls show that Egypt's El Sisi is the current frontrunner for TIME's person of the year for 2013.

December 3, 2013

Russia's Putin and KSA's Prince Bandar previously met in July to discuss the war in Syria (Alexey Druzhinin/RIA Novosti)
16:13 GMT

Russia's President Vladimir Putin is expected to meet with Saudi's intelligence chief Tuesday to discuss the crisis in Syria

Mansour will serve as Egypt's head of state until a new president is elected. [guim]
11:24 GMT

Expectations are high for final approval by interim President Mansour on Egypt's draft constitution.

Douma was also arrested earlier this year for calling then-President Mohamed Morsi a liar and a criminal. (AFP/File)
10:22 GMT

Prominent Egyptian social activist Ahmed Douma was arrested at his home in Cairo on Tuesday morning, in the latest in crackdown on public bloggers and activists by the authorities.

Car bombs are often made using gas containers and explosives placed inside the trunk of the car.  [Ashraf Abdul-Wahab]
05:19 GMT

Security forces defused an abandoned car bomb staged to explode near a convoy in Cairo.

December 2, 2013

Yemen is the home base of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which the United States views as the global militant network’s most dangerous franchise. [AFP]
18:50 GMT

Clashes on Monday between al-Qaeda suspects and Yemeni troops in the southeastern province of Hadramawt left nine people dead, three of them soldiers, the Defense Ministry reported.

Despite militant activity decreasing for a short period of time, southern separatists and northern rebels - not to mention a heavy Al Qaeda presence - are threatening Yemen's stability. (AFP/File)
11:39 GMT

Three Yemeni soldiers and six suspected Al Qaeda militants were killed after insurgents launched an attack on an army base in eastern Yemen on Monday, according to the defence ministry.

Police brutality played a large role in recent historical government turnovers in Egypt. [dw]
04:16 GMT

After a car accident which led to an argument between the two parties, a policeman shot and killed a student.

An Egyptian riot policeman fires tear gas in Cairo, Egypt. [csgazette]
04:05 GMT

Upon approval of its draft constitution, Egyptians take to the streets in protest due to some of the language in the document.

December 1, 2013

Ahmed Maher had previously turned himself into authorities Saturday (File Archive/AFP)
12:40 GMT

Egyptian activist Ahmed Maher was released Sunday afternoon after being detained by authorities for his involvement in an illegal demonstration to protest the new assembly law early last week.

Hagel urges Egypt to show its efforts in peacekeeping during the constitutional transition. [theiranproject]
11:02 GMT

US reaches out to discuss up and coming concerns regarding new protest laws in the draft Egyptian constitution.