Regional News

October 21, 2013

John Kerry Chairs UN Security Council Meeting. (Image credit: Getty)
18:55 GMT

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal and U.S Secretary of State John Kerry discussed on Monday issues that led Riyadh to snub a much coveted U.N. Security Council seat.

The Moroccan Human Rights association reported that many civilians in the Western Sahara were injured when police authorities attempted to break up their peaceful protest in the city of Laayoune (Courtesy of Kirby Gookin/Western Sahara Resource Center)
12:33 GMT

Police and pro-independence protesters in Western Sahara clashed during the UN envoy's trip to the disputed territory, forcing many civilians to seek treatment at nearby hospitals.

Amnesty International is a leading human rights watchdog in the Middle East region. [amnestyinternational]
10:04 GMT

Amnesty International criticizes Saudi for moving in reverse in terms of human rights violations within the region.

Libya's PM Ali Zeidan seemed hopeless about his country's future Sunday, stating that, the situation in Libya is "beyond anyone's abilities" (Courtesy of BBC)
07:51 GMT

In a press conference Sunday, Libyan security chief Abdelmonem Essid announced proudly that he was behind Prime Minister Ali Zeidan's abduction ten days ago and PM Zeidan described the situation in the north African country as "beyond anyone's abilities."

Egyptian Interim PM Hazem El Beblawi says the country's roadmap is bringing stability after period of turmoil. (AFP/File)
07:20 GMT

Egyptian Interim PM Hazem El Beblawi says the country's roadmap is bringing stability after period of turmoil, agrees to reconsider controversial protest law.

Since the overthrow of former Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi, attacks against churches and Coptic Christians has reached an unprecedented high (AP)
07:09 GMT

Gunmen fired on Egyptian wedding guests outside a Coptic Christian church late Sunday, killing three and wounding nine.

October 20, 2013

Since 2011, Libya's government has tried to maintain order as local militias fight for power and territory throughout the country (Courtesy: Getty)
19:39 GMT

Around 200 Egyptian truck drivers held by an armed Libyan group have been freed

Security forces fired tear gas on 500 students from Al-Azhar university and arrested four in a day of countrywide clashes Sunday (Courtesy of Mubasher/Al Jazeera)
14:12 GMT

While Egyptian security forces fired tear gas at 500 students and arrested four from Al-Azhar University in Cairo, militant attacks escalated in Sinai against security authorities in another day of countrywide clashes Sunday.

Italy is calling on the EU for more assistance in order to address growing numbers of asylum seekers arriving by boat from Africa and Syria (Courtesy of CNN)
13:34 GMT

254 Syrian and Egyptian migrants seeking asylum landed in Italy Sunday.

The Saudi Foreign Ministry, headed by Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal, announced its rejection of its UNSC seat Friday in protest of "[how] the method and work mechanism and the double standards in the Security Council prevent it from properly shouldering its responsibilities towards world peace" (Andrew Burton/Reuters)
07:36 GMT

UN ambassadors from the Arab world are urging Saudi Arabia to reconsider its decision to forgo its non-permanent member seat of the UN Security Council, but their calls are being challenged by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Qatar who backing the kingdom's decision.

Since 2011, Libya's government has tried to maintain order as local militias fight for power and territory throughout the country (Courtesy of BBC)
07:05 GMT

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry announced that talks with Libya were in progress Saturday to secure the release of more than twenty Egyptian drivers who were kidnapped by militias in its neighboring country.

October 19, 2013

The two Turkish pilots who were abducted in Beirut in August were released late Saturday (Courtesy of Ihlas News Agency/AFP/Getty Images)
19:37 GMT

Two Turkish pilots who were kidnapped over two months ago in Beirut were handed over to Lebanese authorities and left Beirut airport for home late Thursday.

Opposition groups have accused Tunisia's Islamist-led government for failing to crackdown on jihadists' activities in the country (AP)
17:56 GMT

Government forces killed nine "terrorists" and confiscated two tons of explosives in Tunisia Saturday as part of nationwide efforts to crackdown on jihadists' activity in the North African country.

Former intelligence chief Murad Mawafi was scheduled to testify behind closed doors Saturday in former President Mubarak's retrial (Courtesy of World Tribune)
17:35 GMT

The retrial of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak resumed behind closed doors Saturday, with former intelligence chief Murad Muwafi scheduled to testify.

Previous car bomb attacks in Egypt, particularly in Sinai, have targeted security and police headquarters (AFP)
14:46 GMT

A car bomb exploded near an army intelligence building in Egypt's Ismailia killing at least four soldiers Saturday.