Regional News

November 5, 2013

Former president Mohammed Morsi was reportedly "feisty, speaking loudly to the judges and [proclaiming] that he was still the president of Egypt" during Monday's trial (AP)
18:28 GMT

Following former Egyptian president's anticlimatic trial date Monday, Mohammed Morsi reportedly spent his first night in the hospital after complaining of high blood pressure and high sugar levels.

Tunisia's president Moncef Marzouki told reporters in Paris that his country "will get through this difficult phase. We are determined to promote a democratic process, whatever the present difficulties may be" (Courtesy of the Telegraph)
18:07 GMT

Tunisia's president told reporters Tuesday that his country "will get through this difficult phase." However, the suspension of the national dialogue talks, the failure to choose an interim PM, and Ennahda's continuing leadership, may continue to exacerbate the political turmoil throughout the north African country.

Houthis in Saada had previously established their own checkpoints throughout the province to target Salafi counterparts (Courtesy of Yemen Times)
13:55 GMT

The collapse of the ceasefire in northern Yemen between Houthi Shiites and Salafists in Daamaj has "security implications" for entire country, says UN envoy.

Clashes between Misrata brigade members and security officials at a Tripoli checkpoint left two wounded Tuesday (Ismail Zitouny/Reuters)
13:07 GMT

Fierce clashes between former rebels and security authorities at a checkpoint in Tripoli left two people wounded Tuesday. Protestors in Benghazi also burned several parts of the coastal city to demand the resignation of the current government this week.

United Nations-Arab League special envoy for Syria Lakhdar Brahimi speaks on September 13, 2013 during a press conference at the UN headquarters in Geneva. [asswat]
09:50 GMT

Diplomats meet in an attempt to establish salvaging discussion on peace in Syria. Several parties still unwilling to pull up a chair for a seat at the compromise table.

Egypt's ultra-conservative Salafist Nour Party has rejected an article in the draft constitution pertaining to gender equality. (AFP)
09:15 GMT

An article defining gender equality in Egypt has been rejected from the new draft constitution by the ultra-conservative Salafist Nour Party.

Pakistani men protest against drone strikes. The report said a study showed 74% of Pakistanis considered the US an enemy. [Getty]
08:04 GMT

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has set a hard date for November 20 for US to stop drone strikes or the open routes for NATO supply will be compromised.

Within hours of launching its campaign against illegal workers, Saudi police have arrested thousands. [ethiovision]
06:59 GMT

Thousands of illegal workers were apprehended and await their final exit from the Gulf country.

November 4, 2013

Syrian student receives a vaccination as part of a UNICEF-supported vaccination campaign at a school in Damascus, October 20, 2013. [AP Photo]
16:40 GMT

Syria government vows to vaccinate all children after cases of polio emerged in the country's northeast.

Israa Al-Mudallal, 23, will represent Gazan organization Hamas to foreign press.
16:29 GMT

The government in the Gaza Strip appointed a woman as their first English-language spokeswoman.

A female supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and of ousted president Mohamed Morsi during a rally outside the Police Academy where his trial is taking place on November 4, 2013, in Cairo. [GIANLUIGI GUERCIA/AFP/Getty Images]
10:44 GMT

A Cairo court has adjourned the trial of ousted President Morsi due to his insistence not to change into the prison uniform and the defendants' chanting "Down with the military rule".

Benghazi residents gather at the site of a car blast in the parking lot of school used as an electoral office on October 26, 2013. On Sunday night, a Libyan intelligence officer and his two-year old son were killed in a car bomb attack. (AFP)
10:33 GMT

A high-ranking Libyan intelligence officer and his two-year old son were killed in a car bomb explosion in the eastern city of Benghazi on late Sunday evening.

Fire-fighters extinguish a vehicle on fire after a suicide bomber in a truck carried out an attack at the eastern entrance of Hama city ,October 20, 2013. [Reuters/SANA/Handout]
08:52 GMT

Suicide bomber kills 4 in central Syrian town east of Homs, official says.

Kerry on Saudi leg of Middle Eastern tour. [vaonews]
08:46 GMT

John Kerry, on one of several stops on his Middle Eastern tour, has just landed in Saudi and will be expected to discuss Middle Eastern relations overall with local Saudi leadership.

Former president Mohammed Morsi will face trial Monday for inciting the killing of protesters in December 2012. If found guilty, Morsi can face life imprisonment or the death penalty (Courtesy of Alalam)
06:11 GMT

Former Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi arrived at the Police Academy in Cairo Monday to be tried for "inciting the killing of protestors" during December 2012 clashes outside the presidential palace. Security authorities have said that government offices and work will continue as normal, but protests and possible clashes between pro and anti Morsi camps are highly expected .