Regional News

November 28, 2013

European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton. [Georges Gobet/AFP]
11:47 GMT

EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton signs a financial agreement of €90 million in assistance to Egypt despite recent 'worrying reports'

Egypt's long-awaited new constitution may be put to the vote on Thursday afternoon (AFP/File)
10:10 GMT

Egypt's 50-member constitution panel may begin voting on Thursday afternoon, committee leader Amr Moussa has said.

The UN is sending in a special force in response to escalating clashes in Benghazi and in the capital of Tripoli in recent weeks (Esam Omran Al Fetori/Reuters)
07:17 GMT

The United Nations announced Wednesday that it plans to send a 235-member special force to Libya in order to provide protection in light of the recent rise in attacks throughout the country.

A U.N. official has denied that there are any problems arising in the reconciliation talks between the global organisation and the Yemeni delegates (AFP)
07:10 GMT

A U.N. official denied Wednesday that the Yemeni delegates had walked out of reconciliation talks, adding that both Sanaa and the U.N. are committed to bringing stability to the restive Gulf state.

November 27, 2013

Tunisians protestors set fire to documents and belongings of the country's ruling Islamist Ennahda party's outside their headquarters in the central Tunisian town of Gafsa on November 27, 2013. [AFP]
16:02 GMT

Tunisian protesters have set fire to the office of the country’s ruling Ennahda Party in the central town of Qafsa.

Ahmed Maher, who is one of the founders of the April 6 movement that led efforts to oust of Hosni Mubarak in 2011, is one of the two activists who is currently being targeted for arrest by the Egyptian prosecution order (File Archive)
08:20 GMT

An Egyptian prosecutor ordered Wednesday the arrest of two leading activists, Ahmed Maher and Alaa Abdel Fattah, for inciting protests.

Members of Ansar Sharia and many other militias throughout the country have refused to disarm following the oust of Gaddafi which has led to clashes and tension between the militias and the Libyan government forces accordingly (File Archive/AFP)
05:59 GMT

Libyan army and Islamist militants clashed early Wednesday outside of Benghazi again following Monday's fatal fighting.

Egyptian security officials used water cannons and teargas to disperse two protests in Cairo Tuesday (Khaled Desouki/AFP)
05:41 GMT

Female activists who were arrested Tuesday due to their participation in a protest against a new constitutional article that permits the government to use military courts to try civilians, were finally released early morning Wednesday in the desert.

November 26, 2013

Two Russian military advisers were reportedly shot in Yemen's capital on Tuesday, according to Reuters. (AFP/File)
07:53 GMT

Two Russian military instructors were killed by unidentified gunmen on Tuesday as they left a hotel in south Sanaa.

Challenging the belief that he is set to run for president, Egyptian army chief General Abdel Fattah Al Sisi has said that the armed forces have no agenda other than protecting Egypt's stability. (AFP/File)
06:57 GMT

Challenging the belief that he is set to run for president, Egyptian army chief General Abdel Fattah Al Sisi has said that the armed forces have no agenda other than protecting Egypt's stability.

Cairo expelled the Turkish ambassador in August following Ankara's PM Erdogan's condemnation of Egypt's violent crackdowns on Morsi supporters (Gianluigi Guercia/AFP)
06:12 GMT

Egypt's interim government has escalated its "diplomatic offensive" in recent weeks against foreign backers of the country's Islamists, most notably in its decision to sever ties with Turkey. However, how long can Cairo continue this initiative before it transforms into an offensive against the country's own future?

November 25, 2013

Rebel fighters from the Free Syrian Army fire a heavy machine gun during fighting against government forces on November 18, 2013 in the Salah al-Din neighbourhood of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo. (Getty Images)
16:21 GMT

Rebels press an offensive east of Damascus and in southeastern Aleppo, in an escalation that in the past three days has killed scores of fighters on both sides, activists say.

The approval of Afghan President Karzai is all that is needed for the US-Afghan agreement to move forward (AFP/File)
09:16 GMT

The green light from Afghan President Hamid Karzai remains the only major obstacle delaying the realisation of the Afghan-US Bilateral Security Agreement.

Smoke billows outside the US Consulate in Jeddah in 2004. One man has been sentenced to death over his involvement in attacks, in which nine people died. (Image courtesy of
08:54 GMT

A Saudi Arabian court has sentenced one man to death and 19 to long prison terms over their involvement in a 2004 attack on the US Consulate in Jeddah that killed five employees.

Smoke billows over residential neighbourhoods in Benghazi, following fierce clashes between the army and militants in the eastern Libyan city. (Image courtesy of Twitter/Wajid Saadi)
07:23 GMT

At least three people have died and many more have been wounded in clashes between Libyan state troops and Islamist militants in the restive eastern city of Benghazi on Monday morning.