Report: Iran warns Turkey againt intervention inside Syria

Report: Iran warns Turkey againt intervention inside Syria
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Iran is not going to retaliate. Turkey has a joint defense agreement of it's own with NATO. I do not imagine that it would be wise for Iran to go on the attack. If they ever do, they will pay dearly. Besides, the government of Iran knows precisely that the Assad regime is failing and it is only a matter of time. It should not be worth the risk.

Ammar (not verified) Mon, 07/30/2012 - 23:49

lets see if Iran has more guts than Russia. It seems Putin has sold out and last week refused to alow his marines to land in syria which would have stopped the U.S. advance in its tracks.
Russia could simply deploy a squadron of advanced aircraft and allow their 10,000 marines sitting off shore to land in Syria and CHECKMATE!
Not even the hubris of Britain will face off against Russia in full battle regalia. The Russian army is more battle ready and their quick mobility and short supply lines would spell disaster for the limeys.
However, it seems father Putin is more interested in American money than he is protecting syria or Iran. One hopes that Iran realizes that after the west destroys Syria, they will quickly turn their eyes to Tehran. Will Russia also sell out tehran? Probably.

hbowdine (not verified) Mon, 07/30/2012 - 20:03

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