SKOPOS discuss impact of organisational culture on efforts to enhance human resource competitiveness in Egypt

SKOPOS discuss impact of organisational culture on efforts to enhance human resource competitiveness in Egypt
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Published December 23rd, 2010 - 16:43 GMT

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SKOPOS Consulting, a leading Organisation Development (OD) solutions firm in the Middle East and Africa, conducted a special discussion about the impact of organizational culture in driving business performance during a speaking engagement hosted by the Egyptian Human Resource Management Association (EHRMA) yesterday (December 22, 2010) at the Conrad Hotel in Cairo, Egypt.The discussion, which was attended by EHRMA members and other HR professionals in the country, provided a closer look at how organizational culture can help enhance organizational outcomes and boost business longevity and success. Dr. Hussein El Kazzaz, Managing Director, SKOPOS Consulting Group, served as the keynote speaker of the event and focused his discussions on strategies related to organization development and organizational culture that ultimately contribute in reinforcing Egypt's human resource competitiveness.
"Adopting constructive reforms in organizational culture is vital as it helps optimize the working environment and subsequently increase the productivity across all levels of the business enterprise. Companies that invest in efforts to clearly define their organizational culture have benefited from enhanced decision-making capability, optimal use of professional competencies, improved job satisfaction levels and increased employee engagement, among others. The speaking engagement organized by EHRMA is a great opportunity to share SKOPOS' practical experiences in helping redefine the organizational cultures and consequently improving the business performance of leading institutions in the Middle East and Africa," said Dr. El Kazzaz.SKOPOS has been a leading proponent of culture development and change management through advanced executive coaching, corporate team building, and soft skills development across the MEA region. 


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