Stars of Science selects Iyad Maalouf from Jordan as one of 16 Candidates to compete in Pan-Arab TV Innovation Contest

Stars of Science selects Iyad Maalouf from Jordan as one of 16 Candidates to compete in Pan-Arab TV Innovation Contest
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Published October 24th, 2010 - 10:36 GMT

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Iyad Maalouf of Jordan has been selected as one of the 16 candidates who will officially participate in the Stars of Science TV program, an initiative of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, which is currently being broadcast across the Arab world during prime time on Sunday evenings.

Maalouf was selected after a grueling interview process where 27 shortlisted hopefuls from around the Arab world presented their innovative projects to a 13 member Pan-Arab jury, who eventually selected the best candidates to formally participate in the competition. Maalouf, who was selected based on his innovative "Biopsy extraction device," will join 15 other participants in the competition, aged 19 to 29 years old and originating from 11 different Arab countries.

The participants submitted a remarkable and diversified portfolio of ambitious and innovative ideas, demonstrating the inventiveness of the Arab youth. The last 16 participants include:

Iyad Maalouf, Jordan – Biopsy extraction device with virtual alignment that reduces the amount of exposure to radiationAbdallah Chakroun, Morocco - Square Rotary Diesel EngineAbdullah Abou Zeid, Egypt – Co-inventor of a robotic rotational joint with 2-degrees of freedomAhmad Al Ghazi, Saudi Arabia - Motorized walker and lifter for the elderly and handicappedAhmad Al Khater, Qatar - Harnessing magnetic energy for power applicationsAnis Al Sobhi, Oman – Motorized shopping trolley and lifter for elderly and disabled usersAshraf Al Jarbi, Tunisia – GPS with laser and sonic sensors to help blind people walk safelyHind Hobeika, Lebanon – Swimming goggles measure swimmer's heart rate with real time alertHisham Shaker, Egypt - Spherical magnetic wheelIbrahim Sadeeqi, Algeria - Automated laboratory device to enhance growth of botanic coral Jinan Shihab, Kuwait – Non-invasive wrist device to measure blood sugar levels opticallyMaha Al Amro, Saudi Arabia – Portable air conditioning vest for field workersMarwan Bin Saleh, Tunisia – All-wheel drive pneumatic bicycleMohammed Ablah, Egypt – One handle geared set of wrenches for car tiresMohammed Faytoury, Libya – Remote shape recovery of objects using magneto-fluidSadek Qassim, Kuwait – Automated multi-functional lab tester for oil samples

The final selection was decided by a 13-member high-level Pan-Arab jury, which had been specifically created to identify the best participants. In addition to expert scientists from Jordan and the seven other countries that hosted the casting sessions of the program, the jury also included the program's two permanent jurors - Dr. Fouad Mrad (Lebanon), Coordinator at United Nation's ESCWA Technology Center, and Rashed Ibrahim (Qatar), Head of the Qatar Scientific Club.

Three special guest jurors were also involved including Hicham Lahlou, famous Moroccan designer, Dr Sonia Aissa, notable Tunisian scientist and Fatima Jawad, prominent Bahraini businesswoman

The next episode of the competition – titled Orientation week - will take place on Sunday October 24th and will provide viewers with an opportunity to learn more about each participant through a variety of engaging activities that will focus on the participants mental, emotional and physical capabilities, in addition to reports from each of the participants' home countries. 


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