50,000 Syrians stranded on Jordanian border as fear of US strike sparks mass exodus

50,000 Syrians stranded on Jordanian border as fear of US strike sparks mass exodus
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If the US really wants to help, send one of your big AF cargo planes to Jordan and pick up the stranded Syrians, the Syrians needing to flee, and airlift them to safety possibly to Russia or Israel until the Syrian crisis is resolved. Saudi Arabia has provided funds to Jordan to help with the refugees, but Jordan is at its limits right now. Possibly Saudi Arabia would be willing to house Syrian refugees on a temporary basis. Since the 'so-called' President Bashar al-Assad will not leave office, it is he and he alone that is responsible for anything and everything that goes on inside Syria's borders. He permitted sarin gas tanks to enter Syria, it has been proven that he and his regime have used sarin gas before on the opposition and civilians, and regardless of the UN investigation, Mr. al-Assad is the RESPONSIBLE man in charge who is going to take the fall for all 15 occasions. How could any government officials or leaders from other countries allow themselves to keep company with, or to communicate with a known war criminal????? Russia professes allegiance as an ally to Syria. Is Mr. Putin willing to have the world know he associates with a man who has slaughtered over 100,000 citizens of Syria and displaced more than 1.2 million and counting by the hour? Shame on you Mr. Putin. If you are in the company of a known war criminal then you are in complicity with the enemy and you, Sir, are just as guilty because you have done nothing to stop this insanity. You don't owe Mr. Assad ANYTHING!!! What you owe your people and this world is honesty, walking uprightly, and being a man who stands up with integrity for humanity's whether in your country or elsewhere.

lightweaver1213 (not verified) Thu, 09/05/2013 - 17:45

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