Tehran Prosecutor to death row political prisoner’s family: he will surely be hanged

Tehran Prosecutor to death row political prisoner’s family: he will surely be hanged
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Published August 2nd, 2010 - 07:52 GMT

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According to reports, Jafari Dolat Abadi, the prosecutor of Tehran told the family of Jafar Kazemi, a death row political prisoner, that he will surely be executed. On Saturday, July 31, the Kazemi family went to the prosecutor's office on previous arrangements and asked to see the Tehran Prosecutor. One of his assistants by the name of Alizadeh told this family on behalf of Abbas Dolat Abadi that he did not want to see them.

"Jafar Kazemi will surely be executed", he said on behalf of the Tehran Prosecutor.

Kazemi's case file was sent to the 31st branch of the Supreme Court where Judge Salimi who has received a promotion for confirming executions and was recently appointed in the Assembly of Experts refused his request for a re-trial and the confirmed sentence of the appeals court was maintained and sent to the Sentence Implementation Department of the Revolutionary Court.

The Kazemi family also paid a visit to Bakhtiari, the Judicial Minister. The Minister said that he was unable to do anything and that the only thing they could do was request amnesty from Khamenei. The Judicial Minister's statement is a strong reason that the issuing of death sentences for political prisoners is decided by Khamenei and appointed judges issue such inhumane sentences.

This 47 year old death row political prisoner is married and has two sons. He is a lithographer and lithographed the textbooks of Amir Kabir University. He is also a witness of the massacre of political prisoners in 1988.

Jafar Kazemi was arrested on September 18, 2009 after an attack by intelligence agents and was transferred to cellblock 209 in Evin Prison where he was kept in a solitary cell under severe physical and mental torture for more than 74 days.

One of the head interrogators of the Ministry of Intelligence nicknamed Alavi told Kazemi in an interrogation before he was sentenced to death that 'a number of people are supposed to be victimized for the government and your name came out of the hat and its not important for us if it is you or someone else'. He was then transferred to cellblock 350 in Evin Prison.

Kazemi was a political prisoner in the 80's and was jailed from 1981 to 1970 and subjected to brutal torture. (Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran – July 31, 2010) 


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