U.N. Security Council has failed Syria, inquiry says

U.N. Security Council has failed Syria, inquiry says
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YES - it most certainly is the fault of the criminals on UNSC!!
That is the repeat, repeat, repeat war criminals US-UK-France.
The Syrian war was planned in Washington and London - by the same criminal cabal who destroyed Iraq and Libya, and now wage a war OF terror across the world.
And there has also been failure from the spineless gnome Ban Ki Moon to take any action either. US-F-UKers are once again WAR CRIMINALS of the most depraved kind :
- It is a crime to aid and abet terrorism. The invading Wahhabi savage death squads and 'pretty face front' armed insurrectionists have received the finest western training, arming and support. Why is there no prosecution of Bandar bin Sultan of the terrorist factory called Saudi, and Qatar for their bankrolling of terrorists? Why no prosecution of Turkey, Israel, Jordan for the safe houses, safe passage of terrorists and arm to terrorists? Why no prosecution and clean up of the corrupt UN 'humanitarian' agencies acting as Trojan horses getting alms and arms to terrorists?
- It is a crime to invade a sovereign nation. Why the utter hypocrisy of the US-UK-NATO criminal cabals funding Nazi's in Ukraine, screaming about Russia protecting itself - whilst US-F-UK-NATO are using the same depraved tactics invading Syria with Wahhabi / takfiri savages?
- It is a crime to interfere in the business of another nation, particularly subverting peace and democracy as is being done by US-F-UK and UN in a rabid quest to install a convicted felon with drug running, brothel keeping, hired assassin history and fake degree (other than a PhD in treason).
- It is a crime to wage economic warfare against a nation so that it is unable to even import powdered milk.
SO GET THIS STRAIGHT UN : There are billions of people in this world FED UP with the UN corruption, the US-F-UK repeat war criminals sitting on UNSC whilst waging a war OF terror in this world.
IT IS LONG OVERDUE THAT RULE OF INTERNATIONAL LAW BE RE-ESTABLISHED and the criminal cabal of these western nations be prosecuted - and sent to Guantanamo as the TERRORIST REGIMES that they are.

Dee Cape Town (not verified) Wed, 03/05/2014 - 19:48

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