Israeli PM calls for land grab in the West Bank

Israeli PM calls for land grab in the West Bank
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I find it interesting that the US government and EU is demanding of Israel something they refuse to do themselves, make deals with terrorist. As soon as this unity government was announced, all backing to try to force talks should have been pulled back by all the governments being that each would not hold talks themselves under such conditions.
In the end, build and keep building. It seems that the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians do not understand that they are not now, nor could ever be negotiating from a position of stregnth, all Israel needs to do is wait it out, keep building and soon there will be nothing left to negotiate over. With this and the demand that any settlement includes no Jews allowed in the area that PA would take control over as theirs and the Israeli's must take in huge influxes of immigrants from a people who demand her destruction makes the negotiations unattainable to start with. Time to close them down, tell Gaza that any more rockets will result in Israel going back in and not only taking back control but will result in deportations out of country any radicals found in the land. I find it amazing that Israel is the only country in the world that has ever been demanded to negotiate with a people who are technically in a state of war with her (if people wish to argue this, I ask, what would any nation in the world call it when another people, not part of the nation is firing rockets indiscriminately at them).

Tbenton62 (not verified) Tue, 04/29/2014 - 13:55

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