Kuwait invests 300 million euro in Areva group

Kuwait invests 300 million euro in Areva group
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The amount of capital increase is less than initially planned by AREVA and it sounds as the answer to a urgent need of fresh money after mounths of public bickering between French managers. What will be next will result from the wrestling arm opposing French state-controlled firms - EDF and AREVA - and the rulings on pending conflicts involving AREVA and its client TVO or its former partener SIEMENS ... Right now , the French Supreme Court ( Cour de Cassation) is hearing a conflict in a way which is far from the rule of law , as illustrated by the report of a magistrate of this Court ( http://www.fronte.org/Justice/Rapport%20de%20Cour%20Cassation/index.htm ) . Nuclear can't be regarded as an ordinary business . Tommaso FRONTE

Tommaso FRONTE (not verified) Mon, 12/13/2010 - 09:57

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