Blogs Roundup


This is Lebanon's 'Overly Confident Man'
10:31 GMT
One picture of a hairy man with a moustache and a smug radiance has given birth to some of the funniest memes of 2014; immigrants love the Arab world; metalheads from Egypt pushing their cause online; and "Share Play" feature for Playstation is awesome.

October 23, 2014

Tunisian-French street artist eL Seed paints in Amman, Jordan. (7iber)
09:07 GMT
How classy is el Seed's caligrafitti? He painted a mural on the minaret of a Tunisian mosque. This globetrotting Arab Banksy showed his stuff recently in Amman; is the White Shroud Syria's answer to ISIS; and which GoPro Hero is better?
A Yazidi refugee camp in Khanek (photo: Saad al-Avdal)
06:08 GMT
One rainfall made the Yazidi camps in Iraqi Kurdistan into a massive mud pit. If they don't receive legitimate housing soon, lives may be lost to ices, not ISIS; the Iranian Axis against ISIL; Five times a Lebanese was proud; and acid attacks on women in Iran.

October 22, 2014

England's vote for recognizing a Palestinian State build the push for statehood.
09:35 GMT
With an overwhelming yes, England continued the push for a Palestinian State and as Juan Cole sees it, the momentum is now unstoppable; blowing up the ideas of ISIL; Iran smells something fishy with oil prices; and Palestinian blogs hacked.
A man's fist punches a table.
06:05 GMT
Lebanese MP Nicolas Fattouche wanted his files bumped to the top of the pile, the secretary said no because of rules, so he cold-cocked her right in the neck; his website was hacked and it is funny; and the blame falls on the Minister of Justice.

October 21, 2014

IS in Iraq has lost the support of some Sunni tribal groups.
20:10 GMT
Many Sunni tribal groups have had enough of their IS neighbors and since they are definitely not going to side with America, they are opting to fight alone; Jew on Jew violence.. kind of; Kuwait is ebola free; and Barbados Muslims stuck between Iraq and a hard place.
A man prepares the coals on his water-pipe.
09:39 GMT
Time and time again media rpeorts have told thew world the same message. Now, a blogger in Lebanon makes it even clearer: hookah kills; Lebanese-American Journalist Serena Shim killed; and Chocolate Walnut Roll with Coffee Butter Cream Filling.

October 20, 2014

The Jerusalem artichoke plant.
13:22 GMT
You'd think hummus would take care of the IDF's vegan regiment's regime but you'd be very wrong. The lettuce lovers of the Israeli army are not satisfied; an IDF vegan's blog; Queen Rania says extremism is everyone's problem; and review of Gone Girl.
Al Ahram has accused the New York Times of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.
08:00 GMT
Al Ahram admits they misquoted NYT correspondent David Kirkpatrick but they then focused mainly on his newspaper's ulterior motives; democracy in the Middle East must include Islamic parties; and an ode to Bahraini activist Zainab Al Khawaja.

October 19, 2014

The aftermath of a suicide bombing in Iraq.
10:09 GMT
Startling numbers have come out of Iraq showing that the Muslims killing other Muslims through the use of self-detonation are primarily Saudi; an acid attack in Yemen leaves a government employee clinging to life; and the parliament extension in Lebanon is just wrong.
Ahmed El-Darawi was beloved by the Egyptian media before he killed himself in Syria.
06:14 GMT
Ahmed El-Darawi did not win his parliamentary bid but he did successfully blow himself up as an IS suicide bomber in Syria; Palestinians only given 5 days to harvest their olives; Iranian official sees the end in sight; and some people are lust plain stupid.

October 18, 2014

Two young Arab babies.
07:48 GMT
You might want to sit down for this statistic: 31,000 Syrian babies were born between March 2011 and September 2014 in Lebanon; some Kurds in business with ISIS; the Levante to get the the Note 4; and what could possibly go wrong in Iraq and Syria?

October 16, 2014

The mother and father of ISIS hostage Peter Kessig.
22:14 GMT
Peter Kassig left the military and returned to Lebanon as a civilian to bring non-violent resolutions to peace and help in refugee camps. And then ISIS kidnapped him; exclusive interview with Jordan's lead lieutenant working with refugees; and 195 Egyptian students arrested.
Koshary is one of Egypt's most popular national dishes.
05:58 GMT
Egyptians love their koshary so much, they're gonna make a dish of it 10 meters wide, 1.2 meters high, and 8 tons to break the world record: 10 books for your twenties; leave 'Left Behind' behind; and see the protests in Jerusalem over Aqsa Mosque closures.

October 15, 2014

Hezbollah's Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.
15:14 GMT
Though it is still unclear if the Party of God is sending fighters to Iraq, if IS arrived at the door of Karbala and Naja, this blogger thinks Hezbollah will fight: ten really weird apps; the Maspero Massacre in Egypt still hurts; and who is the National Ideological Resistance in Syria ?