Blogs Roundup


Kuwait's Moto Lady Club has about 30 members, both expat and Kuwaiti. (Shutterstock)
14:00 GMT
Riding with Moto Lady Club; why Hiba Tawaji went on The Voice France; and Europe's determination to foil Israeli settlement policy.
A MiG-29 like those flown by Yemen's air force. (Wikimedia Commons)
09:05 GMT
Rumors of Iranian control over Yemen's air assets; a war-torn Lebanon villa beautifully restored; and looking back at the imprisoned daughter of the late King Abdullah.

January 25, 2015

An Egyptian man walks past graffiti depicting portraits of people who were killed during the 2012 revolution.
14:00 GMT
Following four Egyptian artists a year after the revolution; uncertainty after Yemen's government topples; and Palestinians in Israel strike against police brutality.
Talk about a close shave. (Shutterstock)
09:44 GMT
King Tut loses his beard; the vulnerable Druze of Idlib province; and a Palestinian leader speaks out about his arrest.

January 24, 2015

Queen Elizabeth behind the wheel. (Image:
17:21 GMT
Women can't drive in Saudi, but Queen Elizabeth put the late Saudi King Abdullah in the passenger seat on a visit to the UK in 1998; Take a look at the Lebanese soldiers who died against ISIS; A terrible video shows animal abuse in Lebanon.

January 22, 2015

The author criticizes Lebanese Christians for being "childish and extreme." (Shutterstock)
12:06 GMT
Christians contradicting Jesus Christ; Egypt strengthens ties to Ethiopia through churches; and Israeli soldiers murder elderly woman after offering a sip of water.
Women hold placards that read "Justice" and "I Am Nisman" during a rally in front of the headquarters of the AMIA (Argentine Israelite Mutual Association), in Buenos Aires on January 21, 2015, to protest against the death of Argentine public prosecutor Alberto Nisman, who was found shot dead earlier. (AFP/Alejandro Pagni)
08:30 GMT
Israel's loyalties towards citizens vs. diaspora; Syrian dreams of immigrating to Europe; and human trafficking in Turkey.

January 21, 2015

Yemeni Shiite Houthi anti-government rebels have gained control of the Presidential Palace. (AFP/Mohammed Huwais)
08:24 GMT
Yemeni civilians cope with political strife; a Muslim in US Congress; and from Golan Heights to Buenos Aires, the Israel-Hezbollah conflict comes full circle.

January 20, 2015

Libyan police and onlookers gather at the site of an explosion outside the Algerian embassy on January 17, 2015 in the Dahra District of Tripoli. (AFP/Mahmud Turkia)
14:00 GMT
Everyday life in Libya's other capital; Gov. Bobby Jindal's true colors; and local resistance to Daesh.
Saly Greige waves after being crowned Miss Lebanon 2014. (AFP/Anwar Amro)
09:07 GMT
More casualties from the War of the Mideast Misses; Israel's attack in the Golan Heights; and women held prisoner en masse in Raqqa.

January 19, 2015

Relations between Salafists and Sufis are hostile to a large degree, as Salafists consider Sufism to be heresy.
14:00 GMT
How Sufi thought could bring balance; the PA is arresting trade union leaders; and some Palestinians in East Jerusalem have gone without water for 10 months.
It's a start, but we doubt the network will be reining in its Islam "experts" any time soon. (Shutterstock)
09:31 GMT
The network has finally realized there aren't dangerous Muslim enclaves in Europe; support for Palestine's ICC decision; and Muslim and Christian women in Nigeria joining to fight extremism.

January 18, 2015

Displaced people from Baga listen to President Goodluck Jonathan (unseen) in a Maiduguri camp on Jan. 15. Jonathan met survivors from what is thought to be Boko Haram's worst attack in its six-year insurgency. (AFP/Olatunji Omirin)
13:05 GMT
Why hasn't the Baga massacre made such big headlines?; Obama's vow to veto Iran sanctions; and a political selfie spat between Miss Israel and Miss Lebanon.
A displaced Syrian girl walks past tents at a camp located in a rebel-held area on the outskirts of the northern city of Aleppo, near the border with Turkey, on Jan. 13. (AFP/Karam Al-Masri)
07:00 GMT
An alternative view of the evidence for a Syrian nuclear facility; conditions in Syria's air force; and a wartime wedding.

January 17, 2015

A Yemeni child takes part in a demonstration against the presence of armed militias in the capital and also against attacks by Al-Qaeda, on Jan. 17 in Sanaa. (AFP/Mohammed Huwais)
15:35 GMT
Southern Yemenis describe an "occupation" by the north; Amal Clooney's white gloves; and anti-Islam sentiment in France.