Blogs Roundup

November 13, 2011

Tomorrow / Bokra official logo.
13:10 GMT
The world unites together for another song calling for peace. Thanksgiving in coming soon, will Arabs be part of the big turkey dinner?

November 12, 2011

Saudi female eyes can speak a thousand seductive words...
14:45 GMT
From Saudi girls flirting with their eyes to Lebanon's lost 7 wonder opportunity; Dealing with rejection; Settlers sabotage Muslim graves in Jerusalem; A guide to the Lebanon Twitter names; And Gaddafi's death and the hypocrisy of leaders who dined with him.

November 10, 2011

Nerds, geeks, swots, squares: monikers for the studious or bookish among us are not lacking.
21:26 GMT
This blogger once postulated that 'nerds make the best lovers' -- now, this her own sequel or rejoinder; Egyptian female candidates running for office have no hidden agendas, but must keep a hidden face; When Palestine meets Martin Luther King; Another day, another blogger-poet arrested in Arab lands; Pledging allegiance to a flag online; and Post-graduate reality 'bites' in Gaza.
Once the Radisson Hotel, last decade before that very hotel was targeted by suicide hotel bombings storming Jordan's capital. Now
re-named, after re-launch, as the Landmark Hotel.
11:55 GMT
Remembering the day that shook Jordan to the core -- the Hotel Bombings of Amman came about as 'terrorism' was already doing the rounds in the Middle East; a Bahraini makes the mistake of staying tuned to Twitter; A comedic sketch of Palestine's earth-shattering UNESCO move; And a sidelong glance at Algeria's Arab rule.

November 9, 2011

One man's wooden blocks for play or construction, another man's hazardous but compulsive snack: the eating disorder, Pica
15:32 GMT
Eating the unspeakable and inedible -- eating clay, wood, charcoal -- is not just a condition afflicting the pregnant, hormonally out of synch, or mouth-centered toddlers, but children through adults can indulge in 'mud'-pie & clay, in favor of cake; Sexism by Israelis is common among Ultra-Jewry; Ronald Reagan offers King Hussein special fish; A Homs Eid; And Lebanon Censors Hollywood names.
'Reverse marriage proposal': It's still a practice less common than the 'norm' anywhere, but is certainly one practically unheard of in the Middle Eastern culture that remains traditional and protocol-observing when it comes to marriage and gender roles.
10:56 GMT
An appeal to Arab women to start popping the question, if it's true love, and sweeping their good men off their manly feet; Fairuz coming to a place near you before Christmas!; Ordinary lives under siege in pictures of Gazans; Homs- and a glimpse at a Syrian protest broken down into what, when, where how; Copycat crimes against Apple 'committed' by Samsung, documented.

November 8, 2011

A tete-a-tete gets overheard and turns into a diplomatic 'upset'. Obama and Sarkozy speak 'cheekily' off the record.
15:56 GMT
When Obama and Sarkozy have a little tete-a-tete off camera, French journalists intercept and an embarrassing intimate chat griping about Bibi Netanyahu is leaked; World War 3; And a look back at Hajj.

November 7, 2011

3rd grader in Pakistan above was also forced to wear a suicide vest back in June, on her way home for her 3rd grade classes. Sohana Jawed, a Pakistani, near-victim, pictured.
05:00 GMT
A 9 year-old boy's tragic death in a an Iraqi suicide mission is fully the fault of his 51 year-old mother who volunteered him to die as a 'martyr'; A Eid greeting-speech from Syria's opposition; Egypt's nominated woman of 2011 should by rights receive better acclaim than J-Lo! And Emirates Palace does luxury professionally.

November 6, 2011

Eid Mubarak, 2011; Happy Eid al-Adha, Sacrificial Festival of 2011.
09:28 GMT
Hajj photos from history to get you into the mood and essence of Eid Adha; Holiday 'to-do' lists should be more fun and achievable than any other kind of check-list; Are bloggers journalists-- a comparison debate: bloggers versus Journalists; Saudi and new to America? Read on; Beirut bids goodbye to the summer in a stormy fashion; And something for the comic-Mideast minded....

November 4, 2011

Fighting depression can be a very lonely experience-- so why not spend more time with those friends and family that add the happiness factor?
08:41 GMT
Ways for beating depression that can be recycled all your life, whenever a spot of the blues arises; Lebanon still has internet issues to protest; Egypt's prestigious Al-Ahram journal makes peace with the Muslim Brotherhood (on page 5); Steve Jobs knew a thing or two about Arabs and the Middle East; and Lebanon's latest 'scandal'.

November 3, 2011

Tired of being lumbered with the dishes cause you're 'good' at it? Or you once misguidedly confessed to finding it therapeutic?
12:24 GMT
Just cause you're good at something does not have to pigeon hole your career or function in society; Has Syria been saved from the fate of other Arab nations? 7 Wonders of Nature - whether real or fictional- can only encourage national pride in heritage; And why does the (hypocritical) United Nations not operate on more 'equal' values a disgruntled observer asks.

November 2, 2011

Jordan and Canada - is one like the other?
14:40 GMT
Jordan is the friendly and polite nation in the Middle East that doesn't like to rock the boat or upset its neighbors; Eid el -Adha and Hajj from Dubai's perspective; Living in a Facebook 'bubble'; Saudi Arabia's Empty Quarter (must be quite deserted really); and a friendly Lebanese warning of scams.
Are tents a sign of an Arab wedding?
10:23 GMT
A sure sign, or 18, for spotting an Arab wedding from the rest; Palestinian internet networks being intercepted and hacked-- the hallmarks of state disruption, Mossad, or simply accidental; And Revamping basements feeds a fictional sharing.

November 1, 2011

North Korea's Kim Jong Il does not want to receive ex-pat North Koreans abroad in Libya back home, as they might spread ideas on ousting dictators.
20:19 GMT
Paranoid that North Koreans who lived in Libya will come back home with ideas, Kim Jong Il says stay away!....; 5 Reasons to visit Lebanon for tourists turns to 5 Reasons To Not Visit Lebanon by a Lebanon Lover; Palestine's UNESCO Membership makes history and a reporter puts the US in a less than flattering light; Free air-tickets for staff ago too far as do oil workers' free oil perks; Lebanon's Blogs at Risk.
King Abdullah II of Jordan is not shying away from discussing his region's changes.
10:13 GMT
Is it a bout of insomnia brought about by a highly caffeinated diet, or is it financial concerns... for his Hashemite Kingdom? Happy Halloween you Middle Eastern partakers in this heathen festival!; Consider your identity in light of the Middle East transitions and tectonic shifts.