Blogs Roundup

December 27, 2011

One of the reasons to like Arabs: Their easy-going attitude.
13:12 GMT
Arabs just want to have fun- and other reasons why you have to love Arabs; A tragic account, among thousands, detailing the Gaza War for one family; Where were you when the Gaza War hit? One blogger wants to know; An experience that will make you think twice about flying over Israel; The "Aardvark-certified" best books on the Middle East.
The pain and damage of the Gaza War lives on.
09:22 GMT
For the Palestinian people, the issue is neither forgiven nor forgotten; The Palestinian population is set to have a leg up on the Jewish one in terms of numbers; A Palestinian photographer is snubbed out of a major art competition for being "too pro-Palestine"; Is a case of selective memory hurting the Syrian revolution?

December 26, 2011

One of the chosen entities is online activist Wael Ghonim, pictured here with Khaled Said's mother. (Image source: "")
11:50 GMT
Time Magazine isn't the only outlet handing out "Person of the Year" credentials. As it has been a busy year, ArabCrunch has bestowed its choice on three different entities for 2011; The 10 Best Lebanese blogs of 2011; What would do if you were Bashar Al-Assad? ; Blogs are not only for ranting, as one blogger posts a personal work of fiction.
Leaving political and social commentary aside, bloggers take the time to show their own personal appreciation for the Christmas holidays.
09:53 GMT
Ironically, it is the "superficial glitter" that holds together the spirit of Christmas for people of all faiths; Commercial or non-commercial, Christmas is still the season of family and giving; Could a dishdasha incite office racism? One blogger thinks so; The Book Lover's Journal lives up to its name for reading fanatics.

December 25, 2011

The Christmas spirit is still glowing for Palestine's Christian communities.
17:06 GMT
Gaza Christians- and Muslims!- are celebrating Christmas still in community-based gatherings; A new Christmas hope sparks for a Lebanese blogger in an unlikely place; "Happy Newtonmas" is one blogger's greeting of choice; Christmas cupcakes- enough said! ; The second phase of Egyptian elections simplified; A Lebanese blogger isn't the only one unimpressed with the Virgin Megastore.

December 24, 2011

There was great hope that the situation in Syria would calm down after the arrival of the Arab League observers, but the recent car bombing has put doubts in that happening anytime soon.
19:47 GMT
Yes. No? Maybe! Three different bloggers weigh in their opinions and views on the recent Syrian car bombing. Was it the Syrian regime or security-breaching revolutionaries? ; One year later, Bouazizi lives on in the memory of Arab youth in spite of naysayers; 14 tunes to listen to this Christmas; Experience this "year in pictures" in three slideshows.

December 22, 2011

From nakedness to exposed brassiers, Egypt's events are leading the forefront for the feminist debate in the Middle East. (Image source: "")
14:46 GMT
The Arab Spring has sprung a gender a revolution with "Tahrir Girl" as a possible poster child; Female protester are not taking gender violence lying down; an ode to a semi-colon; Is Hamas bidding the Iran-Syria alliance goodbye? ; The Best of the best- of 2011; Yes logo for this designer.
The Syrians can't do it alone. Maybe like other fledgling revolution states, they require an intervention.
10:56 GMT
Unlike popular belief, one Jordanian blogger believes that Syria is in desperate need for external help; Time Magazine's "Person of the Year" choice is not to be trusted; The ugly face of the Egyptian revolution; Saudi Arabia's water situation- is it serious? ; Creativity blooms in the world of illustration!

December 21, 2011

Arab Artist Hasan Hajjaj's work "M.U.S.A". (Image courtesy of "")
15:48 GMT
Contemporary Arab artists ride the tides of change as Arab art gains greater recognition and momentum; Twitter users prefer a personal touch to their news; One blogger complains that Jordanians have forgotten their pride; Keep those Christmas calories off- the practical way! ; One Voice Movement's International Education Program- the highlights!
Iconic photograph showing Nobel Prize winner Naguib Mahfouz seated between Um Kulthoum and Tawfiq Al-Hakim. (Image courtesy of: "")
09:57 GMT
Arab intellectuals and writers give their top 5 Arabic must-reads; Find out what happens on the 12th day of Stress-mas! ; Obesity is becoming a health problem for the Middle East's poor; Academic Joshua Landis reports on Syria's critical security situation.

December 20, 2011

Flowery flattery and niceties can get you far in Arab social circles. (Image courtesy of "")
14:09 GMT
Are you not feeling Arab enough? Maybe your Arab pleasantries are not up to par! ; Is the Arab Spring a sham? ; Has Obama's "change" reached Muslim Arabia?; You're getting married! Guess whose not invited? You, says the Israeli government!
Translation: "To the companion, friend, honorable, purist and dearest, this is how we saw you." (Image and translation courtesy of "")
10:53 GMT
One Palestinian blogger expresses his deep apologies to "Tahrir Girl", voicing a sentiment shared by many Arabs around the world; Santa needs an iPhone for his 3.7 billion appointments; Sexist adverts are nothing new, but one Lebanese blogger points out some truly atrocious ones; Jordan might speak out over the Dead Sea Scrolls; Iraq's shocking numbers.

December 19, 2011

Qataris raise their heads and their flags with pride.
12:06 GMT
Happy National Day, Qatar! ; More violence caught on video in Bahrain- one blogger reprimands; World's richest Arabs listed! ; The stories behind "The Cherry Tree Carol" told.
Quirky humor is set to plague Bin Talal's "solid investment" in Twitter. (Image courtesy of "")
10:07 GMT
Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal now the proud shareholder of 3% of Twitter company shares; Syrian blogger is no longer a jailbird, according to her sister's tweets; Lebanese Apple lovers are in for a possible Apple product cull; One US-based blogger contemplates atheism's age-old conundrum: Who came first?; Governance without humanity and compassion is not worth having.

December 18, 2011

The image seen around the world of the Egyptian exposed woman. (Image courtesy of "")
13:11 GMT
An image that could change the way the world views Egypt and the Egyptian army- is the Arab Spring getting a bad name? ; Lebanon's new electoral laws are said to promote sectarianism- Surprise Surprise! ; Sweden paves the way to gender-neutral education; Amman's Friday Market is a source of beautiful photography; Tunisia's Gunnushi shouts libel.