Blogs Roundup

December 13, 2011

Ethiopian immigrants arrive at Israel's Tel Aviv airport.
20:12 GMT
Flagship newspaper Ha'aretz mysteriously if not shamefully removes article on a hate racist rally in Tel Aviv that calls for 'Blacks' to leave Israel; What crimes can a blogger commit; Dubai airshow captured; Money can't buy prestige for well-endowed Arabian universities; Expression 'without' borders from a Blogging 'Bedoun'.
Stately visit from then President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali to Mohamed Bouazizi, who burned himself in protest sparking the 
Arab Spring. This picture was taken before Ben Ali fled to Saudi. (Image courtesy of "")
14:51 GMT
The Arab Spring turns 1 today, but has it had results for all Arab countries? ; One Jordanian blogger campaigns that a change in Jordan's public schools is a change for everybody; A Lebanese blogger treads carefully on a very awkward social situation; Jordan causes a stir over a footbridge.

December 12, 2011

Terrorism and Islam being perceived as similar is one of the many misconceptions inflicted on the religion. (Image courtesy of "")
12:38 GMT
5 misconceptions on Islam you never knew existed- and why they're all wrong! ; Top 10 American stars to keep on your radar in 2012; Does the Arab Spring spell out change for Arab Islam? ; "Stop stamping money," exclaims one Lebanese blogger.
Immigrants standing by a mosque in Kuwait.
09:47 GMT
One blogger campaigns for the acceptance of the stateless, or 'bidun', in modern Kuwait; In spite of western outcry , the Islamists are considered legitimate; a young medic finds his clarity of mind in blogging; Instagram named "iPhone App of the Year".

December 11, 2011

Tunisian actress Hend Sabry in one of the scenes of the film, "Asmaa". (Image courtesy of "")
13:44 GMT
A review of "Asmaa", an Egyptian film that shows the human face of AIDS in contemporary Egypt; See Tahrir for yourself via dynamic panorama; Israel is threatening to cut the water supply in Gaza; Google's voice search goes Arabic; One health blogger suggests health books as viable Christmas presents.
He's a mean one, Mr. 'Gingrich'. (Image courtesy of "")
11:54 GMT
Newt Gingrich gets the Dr. Seuss treatment; the winners of the first phase of the Egyptian elections listed; the future of Wikileaks analyzed; 10 tips to improve your reading skills; DIY your Christmas gift cards this holiday season.

December 10, 2011

Was 2011 a year of too much bad news? Or is there hope to be found amongst the rapid change and possible progress made that makes 'good news'?
10:16 GMT
Amongst all the bad news are a few gems of good news, and 2011 can deliver both good and bad it turns out; When food gets politically destructive; Simplifying the still alien Twitter; Digital Arab Women's Rights; And Palestine's Speed Sisters are Road-Runners!

December 8, 2011

The Palestinians First Intifada emphasized peaceful protest, much like today's Arab revolutions.
14:33 GMT
In remembrance, we look back on the First Intifada from today's protesting times; Al-Assad is not a "crazy person" in interview; The Guardian goes Arabic; Oath to Zionism is deemed unacceptable; How about a New Month resolution instead?
Joseph and Mary's story played out on Facebook. (Photo source "")
10:40 GMT
Joseph and Mary's Facebook nativity story; Bethlehem, the Home of Christmas: Top Destinations; A Palestinian and an Israeli call for having those difficult conversations; A Jordanian blogger voices his opinion on transparency.

December 7, 2011

HRH King Abdullah and Queen Rania have a casual lunch in Amman's Rainbow Street. (Image Courtesy of "").
13:38 GMT
One Jordanian blogger states that what defines Jordan as "different" is its Royals' approachability and openness; Google promotes entrepreneurship in Egypt; Creativity and knowledge: a marriage made in marketing heaven.
Women's rights activists in Saudi Arabia have been trying to lift the ban on female drivers. (Image courtesy of "")
09:26 GMT
Further criticisms of al-Subhi's controversial study on the effects of female drivers on Saudi Arabian society; Was the bombing near the British embassy in Bahrain just a coincidence? ; A Syrian blogger questions the benefits of the current regime; If we live longer, does religion get harder?

December 6, 2011

13:22 GMT
What started out as a robbery ends up becoming a good deed; Is Beirut losing its architectural heritage? ; Nokia pairs designers and journalists for a spot of app innovation; Academic Joshua Landis gives run down of Syria's more detailed reports and interviews.
Wust  El-Balad, a post-Mubarak Egyptian indie band. (Image courtesy of "")
10:54 GMT
Sawt, a new web app, makes finding Arab indie music easier; Razan Ghazzawi didn't know the political significance of her blog; "The Syrian Dream" gives 21 steps to help the revolution; One academic and writer says that revolution's history is beyond the headlines.

December 5, 2011

Power to Beirut! Lebanon still suffers the starting and stopping of electrical supply.
14:41 GMT
Lebanon has less electricity than ever before with some regions reporting 8 minutes per day; Honor killings in the UK get attention; One Israeli prisoner's hunger strike was more effective than thousands of counterpart Palestinian prisoners' cries for help; And a Lebanese designer shares all with learning tips.
Tunisian singer and actress Nadia Bousetta.
12:57 GMT
As a Tunisian actress reveals some of her assets, we ask Is female nudity becoming a new habit in the Middle East? ; A female blogger arrested on Jordan's borders; Is removing Amman's public benches going to far? ; An American academic questions the U.S.'s arrogance.