Blogs Roundup

January 3, 2012

Harsh aftermaths: A Palestinian woman collecting used tear gas cartilages.
09:51 GMT
The Arab women that made a difference over the region in 2011- good and bad; A blogger shows concern over pan-Arab politics affecting his native homeland; Bright lights, bright city with the Burj Khalifa's fireworks celebrating New Year's Eve; A blogger celebrates the fifth year of his blog and highlights his top entries for 2011.

January 2, 2012

The truth about Syria isn't beyond reach after all. (Image source: "")
12:58 GMT
A Lebanese blogger brings forth an article detailing exactly what the Syrian regime is up to and why it doesn't want the world to know about it; Top Arab blogs you should check out; Being gay isn't a disability and should be used as such; Start 2012 with George Orwell's 1984.
In spite of the seriousness of the Arab Spring, the Middle East hasn't lost its sense of humor. (Image source: "")
10:10 GMT
Celebrating the LOL-factor of the Arab Spring, the Springies give out awards to its more overlooked amusing elements; The Dark Knight's Joker can sum what is going on in Egypt morally and politically; Surprise! Astrologists are a sham. Who knew.

December 31, 2011

The year of technology and innovation: the blogosphere was definitely buzzing in 2011. (Image source: "")
09:55 GMT
Lebanese blog Beirut Spring looks back on its biggest 11 non-political blog entries this year; The top 13 movies for 2011; 2011 was a year of ups and downs for two very different bloggers for many different reasons; For Lebanese residents, beware those power outages on New Year's Eve; One talented photographer looks back on his best work in 2011.

December 29, 2011

Palestinians in Gaza could be facing another war.
12:12 GMT
The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) attempt to justify their recent attack on Gaza; One Palestinian blogger's ultimate rebellion against the Israelis? Being happy and living life; Top 13 American movies to keep on your radar in 2012; Kuwait could ban Shisha smoking in public; Could a queer community thrive in Jordan?
From the streets to the blogosphere, Syrians are making their concerns known.
10:12 GMT
Three different bloggers are feeling the burn of concern for Syria's plight. Each gives their piece of mind on what needs doing, but the general consensus is to be weary of foreign intervention on all fronts.

December 28, 2011

From protesters to entrepreneurs, they have all been redefined by technology this year.
12:20 GMT
What do social networks, government bans and online start-ups have in common? They changed Middle Eastern tech history, of course; One blogger's hopes for Egypt in 2012; Realistic ways to lose that weight- and keep it off; Hope for a return to Lebanon's Golden Age; An awkward situation involving a Lebanese passport and a flight to Tel Aviv.
One cartoonist depicts the "unstoppable" nature of Ali Ferzat and his counterparts. (Image courtesy of: "")
10:15 GMT
Ali Ferzat soars this month by winning two international journalist awards; Is the Islamist majority in Egypt's parliament a threat to its Coptic population? ; Egypt's "Virginitygate" leads to ban on "virginity checks"; Kuwait is set to ban private Twitter accounts; Are polar extremes in idealogical thought standing in the way of understanding suicide bombings? One blogger believes so.

December 27, 2011

One of the reasons to like Arabs: Their easy-going attitude.
13:12 GMT
Arabs just want to have fun- and other reasons why you have to love Arabs; A tragic account, among thousands, detailing the Gaza War for one family; Where were you when the Gaza War hit? One blogger wants to know; An experience that will make you think twice about flying over Israel; The "Aardvark-certified" best books on the Middle East.
The pain and damage of the Gaza War lives on.
09:22 GMT
For the Palestinian people, the issue is neither forgiven nor forgotten; The Palestinian population is set to have a leg up on the Jewish one in terms of numbers; A Palestinian photographer is snubbed out of a major art competition for being "too pro-Palestine"; Is a case of selective memory hurting the Syrian revolution?

December 26, 2011

One of the chosen entities is online activist Wael Ghonim, pictured here with Khaled Said's mother. (Image source: "")
11:50 GMT
Time Magazine isn't the only outlet handing out "Person of the Year" credentials. As it has been a busy year, ArabCrunch has bestowed its choice on three different entities for 2011; The 10 Best Lebanese blogs of 2011; What would do if you were Bashar Al-Assad? ; Blogs are not only for ranting, as one blogger posts a personal work of fiction.
Leaving political and social commentary aside, bloggers take the time to show their own personal appreciation for the Christmas holidays.
09:53 GMT
Ironically, it is the "superficial glitter" that holds together the spirit of Christmas for people of all faiths; Commercial or non-commercial, Christmas is still the season of family and giving; Could a dishdasha incite office racism? One blogger thinks so; The Book Lover's Journal lives up to its name for reading fanatics.

December 25, 2011

The Christmas spirit is still glowing for Palestine's Christian communities.
17:06 GMT
Gaza Christians- and Muslims!- are celebrating Christmas still in community-based gatherings; A new Christmas hope sparks for a Lebanese blogger in an unlikely place; "Happy Newtonmas" is one blogger's greeting of choice; Christmas cupcakes- enough said! ; The second phase of Egyptian elections simplified; A Lebanese blogger isn't the only one unimpressed with the Virgin Megastore.

December 24, 2011

There was great hope that the situation in Syria would calm down after the arrival of the Arab League observers, but the recent car bombing has put doubts in that happening anytime soon.
19:47 GMT
Yes. No? Maybe! Three different bloggers weigh in their opinions and views on the recent Syrian car bombing. Was it the Syrian regime or security-breaching revolutionaries? ; One year later, Bouazizi lives on in the memory of Arab youth in spite of naysayers; 14 tunes to listen to this Christmas; Experience this "year in pictures" in three slideshows.

December 22, 2011

From nakedness to exposed brassiers, Egypt's events are leading the forefront for the feminist debate in the Middle East. (Image source: "")
14:46 GMT
The Arab Spring has sprung a gender a revolution with "Tahrir Girl" as a possible poster child; Female protester are not taking gender violence lying down; an ode to a semi-colon; Is Hamas bidding the Iran-Syria alliance goodbye? ; The Best of the best- of 2011; Yes logo for this designer.