Blogs Roundup

December 4, 2011

Al Jazeera has a South African member of staff deported from Qatar for showing an HIV positive blood test result.
09:48 GMT
Are their no human rights for people living in Qatar with AIDs: deporting HIV positive expatriate workers; 2011 renders 45 most powerful images at least; First stage Egyptian election results; Teenagers write their own eulogies and sharing their presentiments for how they will be 'lost' as blogging adults; Boycotting Israeli products to take Apartheid off the menu.

December 3, 2011

Apple's iPhone banned from Syrian touch-screening hands. The Syrian regime wants to prevent another Egyptian or Libyan new-media propelled revolution.
12:17 GMT
Syrians add a newly imposed iPhone ban to their list of grievances by the Syrian Regime; and the UAE celebrates its young age of 40 with a show of national unity; Another 40th for a world-helping hand, MSF; Lebanon's gets added corrupt credentials; And Palestinians from Jaffa live in cramped degraded way; Jordan says its sorry.

December 1, 2011

In the colder weather, Lebanese soldiers tend to use chickens instead of snakes to demonstrate their fearlessness.
14:35 GMT
Lebanese soldiers get competitively macho and blood flows; Circassian heritage is in the details; Palestinian woman inspires to break down walls of desperation.
Lebanon's Corniche attracts tourists, locals, men, women and children alike, but is also a popular spot for men who like to gaze uninvited at the (female) passers by.
11:24 GMT
Cat-calling= sexual harassment or harmless banter?; The difficulty of choice in today's ill-defined world; After Palestine Day comes World Aid's Day; And writing for the sake of writing.

November 30, 2011

Manal al-Sharif, rose to fame, or infamy to some, for her bold and much publicized driving moves in Saudi Arabia 
where women are banned from driving.
15:16 GMT
The Saudi woman driving on YouTube has been commended by Foreign Policy journal for her efforts broadcast to the world, as has our very own Saudi Woman blogger; How is the Syrian pound faring against the dollar? A Wahabi plot in Syria uncovered; Windows Phone-- is it for you? A Lebanon rape-murder causes a disturbing fall-out (for a disturbing crime).
Mark Twain, known by his famous pen-name, may have aged to the ripe age of 176 (posthumously) but his works will never
date and an find contemporary applicability in today's confused world.
12:13 GMT
Mark Twain who today turns 176 if he were with us, has been quoted in an Israel-Palestine sense, to the disservice of the Palestinian cause, but could remind us how to look at things in a light, wickedly humorous way; Kuwait's incongruous instability-- getting to grips with parliamentarian deadlock; Israel's logic addressed; Anecdotal love gets naughty; And top global thinkers.
International Solidarity with Palestine Day, 2011. Picture used for illustrative purposes.
06:50 GMT
Yesterday was International Solidarity with Palestine Day, how did Palestinians mark their snatched spotlight from the Egyptian elections; A complicated electoral system made some sense of; The Egyptian sense of humor comes out trumps again; And voices against Bashar al-Assad back-pedal on former support.

November 29, 2011

Voting to keep Egyptian tourism flourishing may mean voting to keep out the Islamist parties, say the hotel industry of Egypt.
19:27 GMT
Straight from the Egyptian elections that are capturing the world's gaze as the first round unravels; On an Arab habit of Anglicizing otherwise ordinary Arabic names- is there any need in today's global society? Arabic aesthetics of typography versus substance of gripping politics and news; And International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

November 28, 2011

Egypt's elections with more people than ever lining up to vote, since the revolutionary year of 2011, may be a little more chaotic than usual.
17:00 GMT
As queues of voters take their positions to vote in Egypt's parliamentary elections, Google develops a tool to us in navigating the complicated scene of voting that is Egypt's; After Israel threatens to ban electricity and water, a blogger wonders if 'air' is next; Rachel Corrie in a hit-song; And games from Jordan and Palestine.
People Visit Berlin Holocaust Memorial Information Center.
11:25 GMT
A local blogger introduces his own 'Jewish question'; Mideastern Bloggers are still getting punished; And what of the new Libyan currency in new democratically-aspiring Libya?

November 27, 2011

How to reconcile the root of your best female friendships as a product of your best friend's womanizing.
14:42 GMT
A womanizing charmer as a best friend; The latest on the stand-off between the Arab League and Syria is like versus like; Love training- and how relationships are like 'jobs'; A tank tries to flatten protesters in Saudi; the anti-pork campaign spreads in Qatar.
Lebanon's Myriam Achkar loses her life at the hands of a rapist-murderer who happens to be Syrian.
11:08 GMT
A sordid tale of a woman leaving her prayers to walk home and facing a violent finish from a sick man opens up a can of sectarian worms, anti-Syria sentiment and debate on workers and immigration; To vote or not to vote on the Egyptian morrow; And 'Time' editorial lines of the world contrast to that of the USA.

November 26, 2011

Arabic Twitter floods the Twittersphere.
19:00 GMT
The Arabic language storms Twitter with plenty of Tweet-worthy material spilling out of the Middle East; 2011 - a year to remember; Mona Al Tahawy straight out of Tahrir; Saudi Arabia and Iran and war not peace? And a Mideastern voice speaks out against gender violence.

November 24, 2011

When Starbucks comes to a head with the Turkish Coffee House,  the Guardian chooses the Arabian coffee tradition.
16:00 GMT
How the Turkish Coffee house could teach the world a thing or two about buzzing conversation: a standoff with the American coffee shop; Mona ElTahawy released from Egyptian detention Tweets and Talks about her ordeal; The fate of Libyan loyalists at the UN; And the two sides to any story -- including Israel-Palestine.
In Part 2 of the Egypt Revolution back at Tahrir, it's not camels and horses that are out in force but motorbikes bearing Egyptian heroes rather than Mubarak's mafia.
13:00 GMT
In the first round of revolutions, we saw camels and horse, now Tahrir brings you motorbikes in this spectacle of violence and heroics; Day 5 at Tahrir's massacre and sorry outcome; More from the Diaries of a Single Arab woman; And homeless thoughts for the day.